Wind Voyager Triple-S 2018 – Open and Day 1 main event


The story so far at the Wind Voyager Triple-S Invitational 2018


The 13th edition of the Triple-S is now underway after an action-packed weekend during which some of the hopeful riders amassed in Cape Hatteras advanced from the open to the main event – the prestigious Triple-S Invitational!

In the open, the top two men and top two women would gain entry to the invitational and Katie Potter and Chris Bobryk clinched the top spots with Mariel Grossman and Jack Reider also progressing through.



On to the invitational, the men were in the water first for the opening rounds and there were some big names out there in the early heats including park riding titans Brandon Scheid and Craig Cunningham. Former multi-time freestyle World Champion Aaron Hadlow was also in the mix!



There’s a solid looking forecast for the first half of today (Monday 4th) with the invitational set to continue. The first heat of the women’s division is next up!


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