The Turn Accelerator

Bruno Legaignoux

Bruno Legaignoux is back with his latest invention

The Turn Accelerator V2


Alongside his brother Dominique, Bruno was one of the pioneers of the sport. Between them they designed the first ever inflatable kites, came up with the original four line C-kite and then, working with Cabrinha and Takoon, they helped develop the first bow kites that eventually hit the market in 2005. 

Bruno’s a legendary thinker and tinkerer, and he’s recently been working on his latest concept – the Turn Accelerator. It’s basically a second, smaller control bar for your centre lines that attaches above your existing control system to increase your kites reactivity and turning speed. 

Check it out in action in the two videos below.




You can find more in-depth videos of the Turn Accelerator on Bruno’s youtube channel.

See what else Bruno is working on at




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