The Airush Ultra v4 Tech Video

Airush Ultra v4 Foiling

Entering the market in 2018, the Ultra from Airush Kiteboarding is now on it’s fourth iteration and the bar has been raised


Airush says:

When it comes to finding the ultimate kite for a combination of lightweight performance in a single model for foil, freeride, and surf, there is no need to look further than the Ultra. The unique blend of stability, low end power, and responsive drive allows the kite to fly further forward in the window. Pairing lightweight Single Strut Geometry with a higher tension canopy makes this the most responsive version yet.The Ultra is designed to maintain its shape and responsiveness by maximising the benefits of the unique Airush Load Frame, resulting in improved canopy tension & rigidity to increase responsiveness. The balanced geometry combines canopy curve, leading edge sweep and a specific trailing edge concave. By reducing the number of struts and combining this with WebTech reinforcing, the weight of the Ultra is minimised. This enables a greater level of performance in all wind conditions and allows us to push the boundaries of light wind performance.

For the Ultra v4 the center strut has been lengthened for better low-end power, by adding more area in the center of the kite. With a medium aspect ratio and rounded wingtips, combined with the v3 Pulley Bridal system, the open-C design creates a new kind of kite. A kite for the minimalist, joining the revolution of foil and lightwind freeride. The single strut allows us to shed as much weight as possible without losing that essential rigidity needed for responsiveness.

Shot by Diogo Cardosa & Julian Leleu

Edited by Mitchell Doyle Markgraaff

Animations by Jesse Meeding

Graphics by Stuart Groenmeyer

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