Slingshot Welcome Linus Erdman

Linus Erdman German kitesurfer for Slingshot

Germany’s most promising young freestyler is welcomed to the team…
Linus Erdman German kitesurfer for Slingshot

Linus made it into the Red Bull King of the Air as a wild card last year and had to be excused from school. This year he’s gunning hard for freestyle comps. This is what Slingshot have to say: 
This young powerful kiteboarder caught our attention with his super aggressive approach to kiteboarding. With his big moves and intense riding he was the perfect fit for Slingshot. It’s his amplitude and raw power that impresses people the most, however his laid back attitude and his ability to land the most technical tricks with ease makes him a triple threat. 

Welcome to the Team Linus!

Welcome To The Team Linus Erdmann from Slingshot Kite on Vimeo.

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