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Nobile Saudade


Ten years ago we fell in love with kiteboarding. For us every moment in the water means joy and fantastic experience. When we travel around the globe and find our products in Australia, Cape Town, San Francisco, Tarifa or Hel, we are seized with satisfaction and realize the challenges we face every day, in order to meet your expectations and remain the producer of the best equipment worldwide. This year, for the first time, we present four product lines in fantastic Saudade collection, inspired by Brazil of the sixties, when the country celebrated the biggest economic and cultural boom. We are convinced that you will love the boards of Uniao, Pro, Beleza and Separa lines. We want Nobile, apart from being the technological leader of the branch, to set new standards in design as well. Welcome to Saudade.

“Saudade” is a word of Portuguese origin which doesn’t translate directly into any other language. It means deep emotional state of nostalgia, caused by absence of someone or something, but also a positive feeling when you experience something good you really yearn for. For Brazilians “saudade” is a positive feeling. They call it „a love that remains”. It’s a memory of emotions, experiences, places or events which brought us joy and the sense of happiness, stimulate our senses and make us want to live again. We believe that both for you and us saudade is a longing for ocean, wind, sun and beach. It works both ways, because when we sail, we miss our home, family, love and all the things close to our heart. It’s a positive yearning for the sense of freedom, happiness and love. The Saudade collection refers to Brazil during the full bloom of its culture. To Brazil of the sixties, its modern architecture and design, as well as rich and diverse culture. This collection makes us think about hot beaches and beautiful people from the perspective of Brazilian soul. Saudade.


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