Riding The Iberian Peninsula – Antoine Auriol video

All I Need van trip

French waterman Antoine Auriol knows how to enjoy himself, and that is exactly what he and Rocio Hernandez Neches did on this 10,000km road trip

From surfboards to paragliders and windsports in-between, Antoine does it all. In Kiteworld Summer Edition #110 we speak to Antoine about his extraordinary van trip riding the Iberian Peninsula to discuss some of the trips highlights. He also shares tips for potential van life beginners who would like to know more. 

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F-One Say:

This winter, Antoine was lucky to have made one of the most amazing road trip in his camper van around the Iberian Peninsula.  His goal was to explore and ride the most beautiful spots on his way! Using F-ONE kites, foils and wings in all types of conditions from the sunny Mediterranean Sea to the magnificent Portuguese coastline, and the incredible Pyrenees mountains.


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