RideUp Snowkite: Let’s Dream On for 2015

RideUp snowkiting Ozone re-ride check

The RideUp team head out to check the new internal re-ride system on Ozone 2015 snow kites, and in the process bag  some excellent sessions with the new Summit, Access and Frenzy. Loads of feeling, power, turning and lift. Just what you need to get you to the top of a mountain for an insane freeride back down! 


RideUp Snowkite let’s dream on for 2015 from RideUP on Vimeo.

Riders & Cameras
: Wareck Arnaud / 
Johann Civel / 
Rémi Dineur
: Wawa
Zwei Luna ‘Dream warp’ 

Johann Civel snowkite feature Kiteworld issue #73

In Kiteworld issue #73 we speak to Johann Civel, 34, a French rider who followed closely behind the original pack of snowkite pioneers in the mid-nineties and yet still pushes the boundaries of the sport on skis, especially when it comes to conquering higher peaks and finding new ways back down. More details on issue #73 here


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