Kitesurfing Has No Limits

Disabled Kitesurfer in the Grenadines learns to jump video by Jeremie Tronet

Jeremie Tronet and his team teach disabled kitesurfer Markus Pfisterer how to jump! 

What Jeremie says about the video: 

When I met Markus during his visit at the JT Pro Center ( this past season, on Union Island, I was very moved by his attitude, constant smile and happiness while Kitesurfing on the water.

After suffering from a skydiving accident he ended up in a wheelchair which didn’t stop him from learning to Kitesurf and staying a very positive and happy person.

During his stay with us he decided it was time to learn how to jump, and we made a small video out of it.

Life may have taken his legs but his happiness and motivation gave him wings with Kitesurfing.

I hope this video will inspire you and put a smile on your face.

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