Jalou Langeree in Mozambique

Jalou Langeree Mozambique

World Champion Jalou Langeree kitesurfs in Mozambique – the feature ran in Kiteworld issue #78, and this is the video:

In the fall of this year Jalou Langeree travelled to Mozambique to kite the infamous Tohfino point. After two weeks of surfing and kitesurfing different spots the winds finally changed and gave us a shot to ride that long righthander near Tofo.


Jalou Langeree in Mozambique from Mysticboarding on Vimeo.

The feature in Issue #78

Mozambique kitesurfing travel story featuring Jalou Langeree and Matchu Lopes in Kiteworld

Including the Mozambique feature, shot by Gilles Calvet and also displaying the incredible skills of Jalou’s travel partner for that trip, Matchu Lopes, issue #78 is all about feeding the adventurous side of your kitesurfing impulse. In the headline feature photographer John Bilderback tells the tale of seven kiteboarders who set out to kiteboard over 1,000 kilometres along the Great Barrier Reef in just ten days to raise money and awareness for Motor Neuron Disease research. For your own adventure we have 8 wetsuits and drysuits on review to help you rip through the deepest winter months, the North Dice, Cabrinha FX and Liquid Force Envy go head-to-head, we further increase your maximum boost potential skills and lots more. 

Released in early November, get your hands on it and our upcoming issues here. 

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