FLYSURFER: Mt.Blackburn 2014 – exploring new dimensions!

Flysurfer Mt.Blackburn 2014

After two years of planning with many hardships, three friends from Munich made their way into a unique adventure: The Mount Blackburn Project. Achieving such a project would be a major challenge, they knew it was going to be tough, but this is something even they did not expect.

Skiing, snow-kiting, ice climbing and paragliding on a glaciated strato volcano in Alaska!
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Alpine mountaineering has many facets. The aim of the Blackburn2014 project was to add even more to it. The combination of fun and extreme sports, snowkiting, paragliding and ski mountaineering makes this project unique and uncomparable in style.

In the spring of 2014, Philip Kuchelmeister, Sebastian Bubmann and Andreas Hillmer headed to Mt. Blackburn in Alaska. The 4996m high, glaciated volcano in the Mount St. Elias Range should provide the perfect setting for this ultimate snowkite project. The Mt.Blackburn team made great use of the lightweight, small packsize, low-wind flying capabilities and powerful pull of the Flysurfer PEAK to achieve their snowkite goals during this project.

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