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F-ONE Kites Next Generation – Tarifa 2016

F-One kites next generation movie 2016 Kiteworld Magazine

Four years ago now, F-ONE kites launched the NEXT GENERATION TEAM to help, form and train young riders.

This year ten promising young kids from all over the world, participated to the 2016 training camp that took place in Tarifa, Spain! Once again, Etienne LHOTE, a former pro-rider who is now coach, trained them full time during a week about the competition rules, how to land new tricks etc.

And as for every edition, it looks like the competition of the biggest joke remains a ritual!  Tricks, fun and freestyle moves, here is the philosophy of this dynamic team!


F-ONE Next Generation – Tarifa 2016 from F-ONE KITES on Vimeo.


Riders: Mikaili SOL (11 years old – Brasil), Oscar PERRINEAU (12 years old – France), Osaia REDING (12 years old – Spain), Sebastian DUCOS (13 years old – Spain), Isak PETERSEN (13 years old – Danemark), Hugo METTON (13 years old – France), Kimo VERKERK (13 years old – Holland), Thomas LANTOIN (17 years old – France), Javier JIMENEZ (14 years old – Spain), Lazare GOURNAY(17 years old – France).


More information at www.f-onekites.com

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