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Zenith boat and kite

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Zenith offer only all inclusive holidays.
Packages start from $1333 pp to $2083pp for weekly trips.
Flights are not included.


+1 758 7191370


Ever wanted more than one kite spot for your kitesurfing holiday? Look no further... Zenith Ocean Voyages offer kite spots free of traffic for your own personal kiteboarding playground.

Welcome to the Caribbeanʼs premier catamaran designed specifically for kitsurfing. We take you to new pristine locations every day, only accessible by boat.

Zenith is for discerning kiters seeking a high class vessel (purchased from new May 2010) offering the top level of service available for caribbean kitesurf charters.

And thereʼs more... Zenith Ocean Films will shoot a trip video for you all included in the package. Relive your best kite vacation ever with our unique digital media service..

Kite Filming with Zenith Ocean Voyages


Zenith Ocean Voyages kite locations in the entire Caribbean chain and beyond through Los Roques all the way to Curaçao. Over 1,000 sea miles of kite spots! No other catamaran goes further.

We serve up mainly butter flat water for wakestyle riding although some waves can be found for expereinced riders on reef breaks. Most spots have offshore winds creating the smoothest water for your progression curve with loads of space downwind of launch points.

There are simply way too many to describe but my favourites are Barbuda in Antigua and Las Aves in Venezuela. Typically there are NO other kiters, just us! Itʼs all yours to enjoy and explore.

Lunch on board Zenith

Beginners can learn free of traffic and take advantage of offshore breezes without the need to worry about getting dragged back to the beach. Our beginners learn fast and progress to the upwinding stage without worries. The dinghy is always on standby for rescue and return to the boat or beach.

A unique aspect of a Zenith trip is boat launching. We can anchor in remote places and kite from the boat. The kites are tethered to the stern while we eat lunch, ready for your next session.


Kite trips to multiple spots within 7, 10, 14 or 21 day excursions are available. The 7 and 10 day trips run throughout the season and typically concentrate on small groups of islands. The 14 and 21 day trips are called the Mega-Trips, sailing 400-500 nautical miles. Zenith is again unique in offering extended kite cruises covering 15 islands or more! The March Mega-Trip is mid-season and the Summer Mega-Trip is in July.


Group bookings are for private full boats accommodating six guests with a single berth available for a seventh. Single cabin bookings are for those who would like to join a cruise with other kiters from around the world and leave having made new friends.


Where you go and when is tailored for each group. Families often prefer locations for beginners and beach/island activities, while the die hards may opt for spots that suits their progression needs. Inter-island downwinders, wave spots or nightlife for the party animals are thrown into the mix for your perfect Caribbean kite trip.

Sunsets with Zenith


Packages start from $1333 pp to $2083pp for weekly trips. Flights are not included.


Zenith Ocean Voyages chose the Caribbean because it is home to world class kitboarding locations powered by the tradwinds with tropical warm waters and a vast choice of spots to choose from. The Eastern Caribbean season runs from November through to June and Western season is July to September. Steady 15-20 kts blow for the majority of each month. Christmas and June typically see increased trades as the season changes from NE swinging to SE. Mostly the drection is East.

You wonʼt need a wetsuit as this is the tropics so the yearly temperature never fluctuates outside of 26-29 degrees.


Zenith Ocean Voyages own the Caribbeanʼs most modern luxurious catamaran for kitesurf charter. She was designed specifically for kiting with dedicated board racks and dry storage in a forward cabin for your kites.

All cabins have ensuite bathrooms with 50 inches of headroom over the beds and over 6ft of headroom all around the boat. She is very comfortable indeed.

3 seperate lounging areas on deck and a new saloon lounge provide between session relaxation in an idilic Caribbean setting.

Zenith interior

220v generator, 400w of solar power, 100w inverter, 180 l/hr water maker, 2 fridges and a freezer means that once we leave the dock and set sail we will have everything we nead for your trip already on board. Her boat systems were designed to keep you kiting in paradise for as long as you want.... she is a floating 5 star hotel!


It is rare to have a ʻno windʼ trip with Zenith Ocean Voyages. The trades ensure you will kite most of the time. For light wind days though we have a Naish Fly for those who want to cruise and explore the reef. If freeriding is not your bag then we have SUPs, great snorkeling, outsourced dive options, lsand excursions to soak up the local culture, fishing outings for your daily catch, a 15hp outboard for wakeboarding, ʻJerryʼ the guitar.... or just simply relax on board and see the Caribbean from the best vantage point ever.


Zenith Ocean Voyages offer only all inclusive trips. Your hostess Andrea is unrivalled in the kite charter sector having 10 yrs professional experience at the top flight of the yachting industry. She now lives and loves the kite scene with Zenith serving bespoke menus specifically for your group needs. We work hard to provide the culinary experience you want. Our guests are always amazed with the quality and presentation of meals on board. If you want to go ashore your menu plan can be adjusted for you. All alcohol, soft drinks and spirits are included....Zenith does it all.

Food and drink on board with Zenith


As Zenith offer so many trips the airport pickups are varied. As a guide check out Virgin and BA to Antigua, St Lucia, St Vincent, Barbados and Grenada. Air France will cover Guadeloupe and Martinique. But first check out our web site and select a trip that most appeals to you. Zenith will then advise you on airports and any other questions you may have. 


For full information on your Caribbean kite vacation of a lifetime you can contact Zenith at:
Website: www.zenithoceanvoyages.net
Email: zenithoceanvoyages@gmail.com
Phone: +1 758 7191370
Skype: Zenith Ocean Voyages Ltd
Facebook: Zenith Ocean Voyages  


Zenith gaurantees all safety equipement on board with only the most modern accessories necessary for a secure LEGAL kite charter.

For your peace of mind rest assured with Zenith that ALL our doccumentation is in order:
 - Full charter insurance with Pantaenuis UK
 - In date professional MCA Captains licence with commercial endorsement for paid charter
 - In date STCW 95 certificates
 - In date life raft certificates
 - Ocean grade SOLAS compliant vessel with EPIRB
 - Only the best salt release CO2 life jackets
 - Mast rigging well under the 10 year insurance limits
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