Torres Strait | Yorke Island

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Peak Season: June – September

Avg Air Temp: 27°C / 80°F

Avg Water Temp: 24 – 27°C /  75 – 80°F



Beer: Alcohol isn’t allowed on the islands

Restaurant Meal: Included in your Zephyr Tours package

Accommodation: Included in your Zephyr Tours package



Zephyr Kite Tours


+61 (0)400 800 838


Kitesurf everyday in balmy turquoise waters, glide for miles through buttery flat sections along the sand bars of the 'Magic Mile' and eat incredible, locally caught seafood at the end of the day.

Zephyr Tours and Gubaou Mari offer exclusive tours to the Torres Strait on which you'll meet the wonderful, friendly and welcoming local people who just so happen to have world class kiting in their back yard!


PHOTO: Zephyr Tours



Much of the kiting happens along the Magic Mile - an un-inhabited sand spit that connects Yorke Island to Kondall Island. The trade winds blow directly across it leaving a glassy lagoon with totally unobstructed wind and a space roughly the size of six football pitches. It’s like The Pond in Western Australia but on another level and with no crowds, just your fellow tour goers!

The spots around Yorke Island are tidal, so when the reef gets exposed on one side of the island you can just go and kite on the other and there's epic kiting to be had on Kondall as well. You'll hop between islands during the tour with a support boat, guides / instructors and refreshments always on hand.

Conditions are fun and manageable but the area around the Magic Mile is best suited to intermediate to advanced freestylers & adventure seekers. 


PHOTO: Zephyr Tours



The trade winds blow from June to September across the Strait for up to 24 hours a day with an average strength of 15-20 knots. The average air temperature is 28°C / 82°F so no wetsuits required but sometimes, especially on a cool rainy day, it’s a good idea to have a thermal top to use for long sessions and on lengthy kite adventures between islands. 


PHOTO: Zephyr Tours



Comfortable accommodation is available at the Lodge on Yorke island where you can choose between shared dorms and private cabins. Gubaou Mari are in the process of building the Strait’s first eco tent resort which is expected to be finished by 2019.  

Accommodation at the Lodge is $240 per night for a twin room share and is included in all tour packages. Fantastic food is included in the cost of a trip too.


PHOTO: Zephyr Tours


Zephyr Tours offer all-inclusive packages working with Gubaou Mari to provide accommodation, all meals, fishing, entertainment, culture and kitesurfing lessons as well as equipment & adventures.  

On a Zephyr tour, unlimited coaching and one-on-one lessons in English are included with one of their team of instructors at all times. / / 0400 800 838 


During Zephyr’s tours there are many non-kitesurfing activities planned for kiters to get fully immersed into the local Torres Strait Culture.  

Fishing is a key part of daily life on Yorke Island and the locals are always keen to share their traditional and modern techniques of fishing for food with newcomers.  

Trolling for mackerel, spearing rock cod, netting mullet and sharing it with the community is a common everyday activity on Yorke Island and day trips to the neighbouring Erub Island where you’ll see mind-blowing artwork made from ghost nets are not to be missed. 

Traditional dance, story telling and Makkar boats (model boat) racing are also all on the agenda and these trips really are a truly unique cultural experience. You can also engage with the local kids and help them build their own kites!


PHOTO: Zephyr Tours



You can visit the islands by invite only and the best way to get an access pass is to go there with Zephyr. 

Commercial flights operate from Cairns, Queensland (CNS), in Eastern Australia to Horn Island with private charter to Yorke Island on a 9 seater plane. Luggage is strictly limited to 20kgs although Zephyr has equipment available to hire or use during your time with them.  


Getting Around

Airport transfers and island transportation is provided by the locals, however the island is so small that walking can be a better way to explore. Daily boat rides to the Magic Mile, for adventures and fishing are all included.  

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