Shuraabad | Azerbaijan

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Azerbaijan - Shuraabad


Peak Season: May – October

Avg Air Temp: 18 – 26°C / 68 – 86°F

Avg Water Temp:  17 – 26°C / 63 – 68°F


Beer: 5-8 AZN (2.5-4 EUR) 

Restaurant Meal: 20-25 AZN (10-12 EUR)

Accommodation: 130 – 150 AZN (65-75 EUR)


Useful Contacts

Blue Planet - Azerbaijan


+994 (0)50 277 07 30


Shurabaad is a flat-water lagoon close to Baku, the 'City of Wind', where you’ll be able to step straight out of your room onto the beach with no crowds to contend with. A trip there means leaving the beaten path, and that’s part of the appeal. The vibrant city of Baku is less than an hour away and a travelling to Azerbaijan is a true break from the norm and a real cultural experience.

Ruben Lenten's already been there to check it out. You can watch his Azerbaijani adventures in the video below!


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The set-up

On ESE days, the wind blows in over the sandbar from the Caspian sea and the lagoon stays butter-flat even as the wind pushes past 20 knots. On the seaside of the peninsula, you’ll find choppier conditions and some onshore waves from time to time too. When the wind blows from the north or northeast waves can reach chest height. Be careful when heading out into the open waters though, there are a few oil rigs around that you don’t want to tangle with!


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The nearby city of Baku earned its name in the days of the Persian empire when it was referred to as Bardkube; a name made up of two words - ‘bard’ (wind) and ‘kube’ (to blow). It translates as ‘The city where the wind blows’. That reputation for steady winds has continued on through the ages and the summer kite season runs from early May until mid-October. 

In Shuraabad, you can kite in colder winds from north and northwest during the winter months but it'll be pretty chilly compared to the steady, hot, dry southerly and south easterly winds that come in during high summer from June through to September.

In May and September you’ll want a shortie or spring suit, but from June to August it’s boardshort / bikini weather and the water in the lagoon stays above 20°C / 68°F and can even reach 30°C/86°F on hotter days!

During the summer it can get as hot as 40°C / 104°F  during the day and not much less than 25°C / 77°F at night. In the spring and autumn/fall bring a light jacket or hoodie and long pants as it can be a little cooler, particularly in the evenings.


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Blueplanet  Kite  Beach  &  Hotel  is  the  only  accommodation  available  close  to  the  spot.  Some guests plan for a couple of nights in Baku City and the Blueplanet team can help arrange that for you. Single rooms are $80 USD per night including breakfast and doubles are $100 USD per night including breakfast.

PHOTOS: Blue Planet / / / +994502770730


Blue Planet offer lessons for all levels with no more than two students per instructor (and private tuition is available). There’s a compressor on site, a grassy rigging area and storage and gear repair facilities on site. CORE, Wainman and LF gear is available to rent or hire as well. Instruction is available in English, Russian and Ukrainian and Blue Planet stay open from May through until October.  / / / +994502770730


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Baku is just a 50 minute drive away and well worth exploring on a no-wind day. There are museums, restaurants, shopping malls and the old town is a captivating warren of small alleys, tea houses, shops and cosy restaurants. There’s also some epic hiking to be done just an hour away in the Caucasia mountains and a local tour guide can be arrange if you want to check that out.



You’ll fly into Heydar Aliyev International (GYD) which is about an hour from the spot. The Blue Planet team will arrange your transfer to and from Shuraabad.


Getting around

Buses and taxis are easy to arrange if you want to explore the area. Car hire is available, but it’s pretty unnecessary and Blue Planet offer a shuttle service as well. 

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