Porto Botte - Sardinia

Porto Botte | Sardinia

Porto Botte - Sardinia

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Porto Botte - Sardinia

When to go

Peak season: April – November

Avg. Air temp: 28˚C / 82˚F

Avg. Water temp: 28˚C / 82˚F


Useful Contacts





+39 342 359 4676

+48 608 599 399

Kitesurfing Sardina, Porto Botte

Good for: Warm conditions, crystal clear waters and reliable wind just a short flight from most European countries.


The Lure

Sardinia is known as the Caribbean of Europe and in the southwest of the island you’ll find Porto Botte. The bay is located in a nature reserve with flat water in some sections, small chop conditions and a soft sandy bottom with no hazards to worry about. The water is shallow close to the beach but head 200 metres out and you’ll find foiling depth water and, as the bay isn’t tidal, you can head out for a session any time of day.

The Setup

The infamous Mistral wind is funnelled between St Antioco Island and Sardinia, which increases its strength. The Scirocco wind blows here too, although it can be a little gustier close in to shore. There’s a solid thermic effect in Porto Botte in the summer, so you can add a bit on to most forecasts, and in winter Sardinia can get some awesome waves too!


Setup at Porto Botte, Sardinia / PHOTOS: SkyHigh

Wind, weather & water

There’s wind 70% of the time from April through to November. The most common direction is the ‘Mistral’ wind which blows side-shore from the left on 70% of windy days, while the ‘Scirocco’, which comes up from North Africa, blows 25% of the time. The other direction is the ‘Libeccio’, which is pretty rare and usually not very strong, blowing side-on from the right and is a good wind for summer foil sessions.

Water temperatures range from 18°C / 65 °F in early spring to 28°C / 82°F at the warmest point in mid-summer. On land it’s similarly pleasant with temps hovering between 25°C / 77°F and 30°C / 86% in season, dropping down to around 15°C / 59°F in the winter. During the season you won’t need a wetsuit but there are days you’ll appreciate one in the late or early season. The climate on dry land is equally pleasant, so some thin layers for the evenings is the most you’ll need in summer. Pack some long trousers if you’re visiting in the colder months.


Accommodation options are varied but apartments, B&Bs and hotels are readily available. SkyHigh have their own mini-apartment complex with a pool that's just a short four kilometre drive from the kite spot.

www.skyhigh.pl / info@skyhigh.pl

+39 342 359 4676 / +48 608 599 399


Accommodation setup at SkyHigh

Video: SkyHigh

Shops & Schools

SkyHigh are open from March to December with small group and private tuition available. North, Ozone RRD and Nobile gear (as well as windsurfing kit) is available for hire. A safety boat is always on hand and instructors speak English, Polish, Spanish and German. They can also arrange non-wind activities and your accommodation.

www.skyhigh.pl / info@skyhigh.pl

+39 342 359 4676 / +48 608 599 399


Beach setup and lessons at SkyHigh / PHOTOS: Porto Botte

No Wind

If it's not windy then there's plenty to keep you busy. You can go wake boarding (the local kite school SkyHigh has their own wake boat), surfing or SUPing, cliff jumping or touring the island. Sardinia is mountainous, with some incredible scenery to explore, either on foot or by bike and car hire is easy to arrange. The crew at SkyHigh also have a chill-out zone with instruments, a games console, a gym area, trampoline and a skate ramp.


No Wind? There's always wakeboarding and surfing / PHOTOS: SkyHigh

Food & Drink

Food is reasonably priced and a three course meal with plenty of wine will com in at £22 / €25 / $30 or less.



€ - Some places may accept card but there's an ATM in a village close to the kite centre as well.



The nearest airport is Cagliari Elmas (CAG) an hour away from the kiting. You can hire a car there or SkyHigh can arrange shuttles from the airport or to anywhere you may want to go during your stay.

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