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Flisvos Kite Centre Naxos


Peak Season: April – October
Avg Air Temp: 27-30°C / 77-86°F
Avg Water Temp:  24°C / 75°F



Flisvos Kite Centre Naxos


A family-friendly kite trip to a charming, rural Greek island with classic Mediterranean conditions.

Flisvos Kite Centre Naxos


Mikri Vigla on the Greek island of Naxos is a tranquil village ten kilometres from the city of ‘Naxos’. This is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and also happens to be the best kite spot with side-shore wind, a wide crescent-shaped bay and a sandy, obstacle-free beach. There’s small chop out in the bay, plenty of space to launch / land from and if you’re still working on your upwind riding then there’s a sandy beach to walk back up after each ride.

Conditions are very reliable thanks to the Meltemi trade winds which are bolstered by a thermic effect in the summer months as well as by the Venturi effect when the wind funnels down between Naxos and the neighbouring island of Paros.

In front of the kite spot there’s a small rocky island called Partena that you can kite out to and if you’re looking to cruise the coast, then do the downwinder from Mikri Vigla to the nearby beach at Glyfada, a few kilometres away.

Another beach worth checking out is Amiti, a 20 kilometre drive to the north, which gets onshore wind and some waves in winter. There’s also Saint George Beach next to Naxos town which looks tempting, but only windsurfers are allowed there due to its close proximity to the airport.

Flisvos Kite Centre Naxos


The best winds come in the summer season when the northerly Meltemi blows from April until October. For general twin-tip freeriding, boosting or good wind foiling this spot is fantastic. You’ll mostly be on seven to ten metre kites around that time and in winter there’s still wind, but it comes from the south and it’s a bit lighter and less frequent.

From spring to June the average daily temperature range is around 20°C / 68°F dropping to 15°C / 59°F at night, so you’ll need some light layers. The water averages around 19°C / 66°F at that time of year so a long spring suit will come in handy, but in summer from June to September the water goes up to 24°C / 75°F and you can wear a shortie. At that time of year the air temperature averages 25°C / 77F to 30°C / 86F and the nights are warm too. From September onwards the temperatures start dropping off, but you can still get away with a shortie wetsuit until the end of October.


In terms of accommodation, there’s a plentiful supply of self-catered properties in and around Mikri Vigla. Hotel Orkos Beach is just 50 metres from the spot and is well appointed with upscale rooms and studios and a beachfront area providing a perfect base for non-kiting partners / family who want to relax out of the wind.

Hotel Orkos Beach, Naxos


FLISVOS KITE CENTER’s IKO qualified instructors teach all levels at max ratio 2:1. They use the latest RRD equipment (including foils and directionals) which is also available for rent and a rescue boat is on hand. They also have an awesome cafe where you can fire up with a strong double espresso before hitting the water! Languages: Greek, English, French and Italian.
+30 694 545 7407


This is a family-friendly spot with several sheltered bays and beaches nearby to check out with turquoise waters to swim and snorkel in. Rent a mountain bike to explore the surrounding area and there are mountains further inland with traditional little villages tucked in amongst them. It’s worth renting a car and exploring because the island is peppered with stunning views across the Cyclades island chain.

There are restaurants and classic Greek tavernas around Mikri Vigla, in the surrounding villages and in Naxos town, serving delicious local food as well as more international dishes. You can also take a ferry to Athens from the port at Naxos Chora which takes from three-and-a-half to five hours.



Naxos has a small airport with several flights a day from Athens. Flights take about 40 minutes. You can also take the ferry from Athens or fly to nearby Santorini or Mykonos and get quicker ferries from there.

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