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Mui Ne, Vietnam kitesurfing

When to go

Peak season: November – March

Avg. Air temp: 25ºC / 30ºC – 77ºF / 86ºF

Avg. Water temp: 22ºC / 25ºC – 71ºF / 77ºF


Useful Contacts


Kite Pirate Vietnam



Source Kiteboarding & Lodge



C2Sky - Vietnam



Vietnam Kiteboarding School


Planet Kitesurf Holidays


+44 (0)1273 921 001

Kitesurfing Mui Ne, Vietnam

"Mui Ne has to be the go-to place if you want to experience kiteboarding in Asia. The friendly people, easy access to the ocean and often direct flights make it a top destination. The timing of their windiest season, from November to March, make it a great option to get some warm kiting during the European winter"

Lewis Crathern, King of the Air contender, coach and North pro rider



Mui Ne has two seasons, one in summer and one in winter, which result in good wind conditions for 70% of the year. Two wind directions prevail with mainly southerlies in the summer season, which runs from May to October. In the winter season, from late October to the end of March, it switches northerly with stronger and more consistent winds.

Getting to Mui Ne from the airport by private car takes four hours and costs $80 -$100. You can also get the bus from Pham Ngu Lao which takes around five hours and costs $7. The bus has specific travelling times but you can’t book in advance from abroad and there may be an extra charge of VND100,000 (£3.50 / €4 / $4.50) for a large quiver bag. There’s also a train, which takes just three hours, but it’s small and they might not always accept kite bags.


Alwayswindy: Mui Ne Beach, Vietnam


February and March are the best months with conditions to suit any style or level of rider. There’s choppier water with a shorebreak at the main spot of Mui Ne that builds as the wind picks up and this is where most people kite. The wind is lighter in the mornings, making it a good time for beginners and then the chop and wind swell form solid ramps for intermediate to advanced riders later in the day.

Malibu beach is the best wave spot, seven kilometres from Mui Ne. On a pushing tide you can get some nice wave riding conditions for goofy footers with cross-shore winds from the left and the winter typhoons sending through some sizeable swells.

The wind is unobstructed with miles of open water to explore and you can get some great foiling conditions in the morning when the wind is still light before it builds in the afternoon, usually blowing through until sunset.

Phu Quy island is a four hour boat ride from Phan Thiet that’s worth heading to as it has everything from flat water in tidal lagoons, to standard bump ‘n’ jump conditions and waves. Another spot that’s worth making the trek to is Phan Rang which is a three hour drive away and gets consistently stronger wind than the area around Mui Ne. It’s a tidal spot where you’ll find lagoons at various points through the day and some bigger waves out the back.


Alwayswindy, Malibu Beach, Vietnam

Wind, Weather & Water

The prevailing wind direction is from the northeast and it’s steady, but does gain in strength due to a thermic effect during the day. You can usually add on a few knots to the forecast so, providing you’ve brought your full quiver, you should be able to get out on the water most days. Throughout the summer season the wind is still regular but lighter, and it only tends to blow for three to four hours in the afternoon. The most regularly used kite sizes during that time are between 10 and 14 metres. It’s windy up to 90% of days during the summer but often only between 10 and 14 knots so, if you have a foil, you’ll score plenty of sessions.

In the winter season you’ll typically ride between seven and 10 metre kites when it frequently blows all day with wind from mid-morning all the way through to sunset. The only month to avoid is April as it gets very humid and there’s no wind or swell. The water temperature averages between 22°C / 71°F and 25°C / 77°F so you won’t really need a wetsuit but a thin shortie or thermal rashie can be a blessing when it’s really blowing and, as the sun’s UV rays are extremely powerful this far into the southern hemisphere, you should take precaution to avoid getting burnt. The air temperatures range between 25°C / 77°F during the winter months and a very humid 30°C / 86°F in the summer. It cools off a little at night to around 22°C / 71°F but you’ll be fine in a T-shirt and shorts.


Accommodation-wise there are guest houses that charge as little as $7 a night and boutique, four and five star hotels. You can rent an apartment from around $40 a day and a villa from around $150 a day for a short stay and more like $1500 if you’re staying for a full month.


Accommodation setup at the Source Kiteboarding Lodge / PHOTOS: Source Kiteboarding


KITE PIRATE teach all year round with private coaching and group sessions of up to four students per instructor. They use Ozone kites and Jimmy Lewis boards that are also available for hire. There’s a jet-ski rescue service for students or, for a $10 charge per rescue, anyone who needs it. SUPing and surfing also available.

Languages spoken by instructors: English,Russian and Vietnamese. / /

+84 963 401 417 / +84 122 394 5274


Kite Pirate beach setup / PHOTOS: Kite Pirate


SOURCE KITEBOARDING are open all year on Malibu Beach with courses available for beginners through to advanced riders. Private coaching can be arranged but groups don’t exceed 2:1. Cabrinha equipment is also available for hire or sale. Jet-ski rescue, surf and SUP also available.

Languages spoken by instructors: English, French and Russian.


+84 933 192 675


C2SKY teach on Mui Ne Beach with lessons for all levels. Instructors are IKO certified and 1:1 instruction is standard. Beginner packages to five day intensive camps as well as kit storage, shower, shaded chill out area, refreshments and wifi. They use Best and CR:X equipment and have foils and SUPs available for hire.

Languages spoken by instructors: English, Dutch, Japanese, Vietnamese, Polish, German and Russian.

+84 916 655 241


Kite lessons with C2Sky, Mui Ne, Vietnam / PHOTOS: C2Sky


10 Years C2Sky Kite Center, Mui Ne, Vietnam / VIDEO: Joost Essenburg


VKS KITEBOARDING is an IKO certified school offering a full ‘zero to hero’ experience that aims to get you up and riding in just one week. They use gear from ADI Kites, Best, Vanhunks and Jimmy Lewis. SUP and windsurf rental and instruction is also available.

+84 982-133520



Planet Kitesurf Holidays specialise in luxury tailor‐made kitesurf holidays worldwide. Through its team of highly experienced kitesurf travel professionals, the company offers expert impartial advice, backed up by full ATOL and TTA financial protection. Planet Kitesurf belongs to the Planet Travel group, a market leader in active holidays since 2000. / / +44 (0)1273 921 001

No Wind

If the wind doesn’t come through there’s plenty to do, such as kayaking, surfing, SUPing, hiring a jet-ski, fishing, golf, visiting nearby heritage sites and islands, exploring the vast sand dunes around Mui Ne or even trying out a Vietnamese cooking course.

The nearest town to Mui Ne is Phan Thiet, which is 20 kilometres away and about a 15 minute drive. Full of colourful traditional fishing boats, the harbour reflects the traditional Vietnamese culture still evident around Mui Ne and you’ll also enjoy plenty of bars, cafes, restaurants and shops.

Get Around

Getting around is easy and a popular, cheap option is to hire a scooter. However, be aware: there is basically no semblance of order on the roads and right of way normally goes to whichever vehicle is biggest. Also, keep in mind that around the end of January / early February it’s the first full moon of the new year, TET, and many Vietnamese people end up partying for a week straight. As you can imagine, the roads get even sketchier, so watch out! Taxis and buses also in ready supply.



Vietnamese Dong - VND


Food & Drink

A trip to Vietnam is a culinary experience with freshly caught seafood in Mui Ne served at roadside stands and in local restaurants. Mui Ne also has plenty of international food for those not comfortable with heavy Asian flavours, so don’t panic if you just love pizza. There are two markets where you can buy local produce, meat, fish, cakes and bread and some small supermarkets where you can find western style items too, but most people eat out as there is such fantastic food that’s very affordable.



Saigon (SGN) is a five to six hour transfer and Nha Trang City (CXR) is usually a four to five hour transfer, depending on what method you use.



Planet Kitesurf Holidays specialise in luxury tailor‐made kitesurf holidays worldwide. Through its team of highly experienced kitesurf travel professionals, the company offers expert impartial advice, backed up by full ATOL and TTA financial protection. Planet Kitesurf belongs to the Planet Travel group, a market leader in active holidays since 2000. / / +44 (0)1273 921 001

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