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Marsa Alam Egypt Kiteworld travel


Peak Season: March – September
Avg Air Temp: 20 – 30°C / 68 – 86°F
Avg Water Temp:  20 – 25°C / 68 – 82°F


Beer: EGP17
Restaurant Meal: EGP87
Accommodation: EGP305 p.p.p.n.




220 kilometres south of Hurghada you’ll find El Naaba in Marsa Alam. Far away from mass tourism on the edge of the desert, it’s a playground paradise for watersports lovers of all levels and those looking for a simple, peaceful and relaxing holiday.

Marsa Alam Egypt Kiteworld travel


A round, potato-shaped reef a hundred metres off shore protects the beach from shorebreak and focuses the waves out on the reef, separating two bays: Beach Bay and Surfers Bay. Kitesurfing and windsurfing take place in the Surfers Bay and there’s even an additional kite lagoon with no windsurfers or swimmers. No matter your level you’ll find great conditions for learning, flying and jumping and even some wave riding directly out front of the kite center at Giant Bay. Advanced freestylers can also enjoy the flat water, even in strong winds, as the turqoise blue waters are protected by the reef. The first 50 metres are shallow and easy to launch from and the first waves can be reached 200 metres out. The waves run cross-shore with the wind and outside the bay can get bigger on the really good days – up to two or three metres. Surfers Bay is suitable for riders at waterstart levels who are riding upwind as there are also windsurfers sharing this lagoon, but there’s enough space for everyone. The waves in this section are small and weak, allowing less experienced riders to ride without worry. The one kilometre kite lagoon is a superb alternative for both beginners and advanced riders with its’ glassy waters. Kite safely here, even in strong winds. You can land your kite anywhere around the lagoon and walk back to your starting point. There are a few sharp stones, so it’s recommended to wear shoes.

Tommy Friedl Pro Center run a shuttle service twice a day between the hotel and lagoon that takes ten minutes. You can also walk back which takes 30 minutes, or pay for a private transfer.

Marsa Alam Egypt Kiteworld travel


Cross onshore winds here through the best season from March through to October. The air temperature averages 20 - 30°C / 68 - 86°F. You’ll need a short arm steamer in winter, March to May a shorty and from May to September just boardshorts. Winter water temperature: 20°C / 68°F, spring / autumn: 25° / 77°F and summer: 28° / 82°F.


The Three Corners Equinox Beach Resort is closest to the spot with professional service and excellent Belgian cuisine. Freshly renovated and with a nice complex design, the hotel’s extensive beach area leads you directly to the Pro Center.

Marsa Alam Egypt Kiteworld travel


THE TOMMY FRIEDL PRO CENTER teach all levels in windsurfing and kitesurfing all year at a max ratio 4:1. Cabrinha, Core, NP sails and JP boards are available for rent, there is a repair service on site and they also provide safety boat cover.

Languages spoken by staff: English, German, Russian and Arabic.
+20 100 66 72 811


SUP, yoga, beach volleyball, slacklining at the Pro Center where there is also a bar which is the location for movie nights on the beach. El Naaba is also a great place for snorkelling and diving.


Port Ghalib is a well developed tourist area with evening entertainment and dining. The whole area has a very relaxed atomosphere and natural experiences are the main focus of people’s stay here.


Egyptian pound (EGP) - £1 = EGP11 / €1 = EGP9 / US$1 = EGP7.


Dine at the hotel or at the marina and there are also some small shops and a supermarket inside the hotel.


El Naaba is just 30 kilometres south of the airport in Marsa Alam (RMF) and Hurghada airport is 220 kilometres away. Tour operators, as well as the Pro Center, offer transfers from both airports or there are taxis available.

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