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Kitesurfing Sri Lanka, Mannar

When to go

Peak season: May to October

Avg. Air temp: 30°C / 86°F

Avg. Water temp: 28°C / 82°F


Useful contacts

Vayu Mannar

Vayu Mannar

+94 773 686 235

The Lure

Mannar is the most recently discovered kite destination in Sri Lanka and part of Adam’s Bridge, otherwise known as Rama’s Bridge. It’s a 50 kilometre chain of sandbars, islands and man-made bridges that almost links Sri Lanka to the Indian mainland and, it is thought, that it was passable on foot up until the 15th century when much of it was destroyed in a cyclone.


Mannar sandbars / Endless flat water / PHOTO: Kitesurfing Mannar


Vayu Mannar with Kitesurfing Lanka



Vayu means God of Wind, Kitesurfing Lanka will soon have another base in Mannar on the edge of Sri Lanka's territorial waters. India is just 32 KM away. Endless flatwater, pristine nature and the chance to be the first kiters in the area, the new camp opens June 2017.



The Setup

Situated about three hours / 220 kilometres to the north of Kalpitiya, it’s a flat water heaven with over 36 kilometres of flat water that is almost totally unknown to most kiteboarders (for now). The guys from Kitesurfing Lanka were the first to explore the kiteboarding potential of the area around Adam’s Bridge and they’ve opened a centre there called Vayu which means the area can now more easily be explored by kiting holiday-makers. This spot benefits from the same reliable trade winds as Kalpitiya and you certainly won’t find yourself competing for space!

The only nightlife happens in the resort. Alcohol is served, but don’t expect to get too raucous. This is a laid back venue, and if that sounds good to you, then you’ll be sharing it with like-minded people.


Often just you and your friends (new and old) / PHOTOS: Konrad Borkowski



Wind, weather & water

There are two seasons in Mannar. The summer season runs from May until mid-October while the winter season runs from mid-December to March. Windier in summer with May usually getting 14+ knot wind 75% of the time, June and July enjoy a superb 95% of days before it drops down to roughly 85% through August and September and eases slightly to 75% in October. November is the low wind month before it picks back up again in December with 14+ knots on 75% of days through until March.

The wind is generally a bit stronger in the summer months with eight to 12 metre kites being the standard, but you’ll still be out almost as much in the winter when bigger kites of ten metres and above become the norm.

The water is flat and warm at a yearly average of 28°C / 82°F so no neoprene is required, but a rash vest is a good idea to avoid sunburn on long sessions and strong sunscreen is definitely recommended. The air temperature averages 30°C / 86°F so it’s nice and warm but it is humid. At the absolute most you might want a light hoody for evenings, but only if you really feel the cold.


Kitesurfing Sri Lanka, Mannar

PHOTO: Kitesurfing Mannar


Accommodation comes in the form of individual bungalows, each with en-suite bathrooms and their own veranda. Ideal for up to two people but they can accommodate up to four.


Bungalow accommodation setup at Kitesurfing Mannar / PHOTOS: Kitesurfing Mannar

Shops & schools

KITESURFING LANKA operate the only school in Mannar within ‘Vayu Resort’ and are open all year. Their all-inclusive packages offer you a hassle-free holiday, including airport transfers, holiday planning in Sri Lanka, equipment rental with Best and Zian kites, lessons and kite repairs as well as activities for non-wind days, yoga and massage. They also offer advanced kite clinics, gear storage, specialist kite trips and free use of their SUPs, bicycles and kayaks. Teaching ratios never exceed 2:1 and safety boat cover is provided.

Languages spoken by instructors: English, French and German. / / / +94 773 686 235

No wind

On windless days you can check out the migratory birds that the Mannar Peninsula is famous for and the National Park of Wilipathu, home to elephants and leopards, which is also worth a visit. There’s also a UNESCO heritage site, the lost city of Anuradhapura is fairly close and Vayu Resort offers free use of kayaks and SUPs. When your body starts to feel the pace after all the kiteboarding, take yoga lessons or a massage.


A local flower arranger / PHOTO: Bettina Menzel / Bird watchers paradise / PHOTO: Ajith Ratnayaka


Anuradhapura - Sri Lanka / PHOTOS: Bettina Menzel

Get around

The best way to get there from Colombo international airport is by taxi which takes approximately five-and-a-half hours. Once you’re there a car isn’t necessary. Vayu Resort provide free use of their bikes instead, which do the job just fine if you want to explore the wider area.



Sri Lankan Rupee - LXR


Food & drink

Kitesurfing Lanka’s new resort, Vayu Resort, offers an all-inclusive service with local and western dishes served throughout the day.


Kitesurfing Sri Lanka, Mannar

Sri Lankan rice curry / PHOTO: Kitesurfing Mannar



Bandaranaike International Airport (Colombo – CMB) is almost a six hour taxi ride away, or there are two daily 30 minute connecting flights to Sigiriya. From there it’s just a three hour drive to Mannar.

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