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No Boundaries Watamu


Two trade wind seasons; Kaskazi and Kuzi
Kaskazi: December – April
Kuzi: June – September
Avg Water Temp: 25-30°C / 77-86°F


Beer: 250KSH

Restaurant Meal: 300 – 1500KSH

Accommodation: 3,500 – 12,000KSH


+254 (0) 718 553 355


Constant trade winds, a choice of sandbars, seven kilometres of powder white sand beaches and large summer swells make Watamu a wonderful playground for kiters of all levels with its own unique local effect providing excellent winds. A world heritage site, there are game reserves and a ton of other activities and sights close by.

No Boundaries Watamu

Kenya Watamu Kiteworld travelPHOTOS / Tribe Watersports



"We had no expectations for Kenya, all we knew is we wanted to go on a Safari but the adventure that unfolded was one we'll never forget! Our 10 day trip to Watamu was packed with a unique experience each day... world class kiteboarding locations, wildlife like we'd never seen before and so many other activities, we were blown away by everything this little town had to offer!"



Many thanks to Tribe Watersports


Located south of Malindi, one of Kenya’s oldest fishing settlements, the main seven kilometre long beach of Watamu is known as Turtle Bay. A natural reef protects the beach, ranging from 0.5 to two kilometres off the beach. Waist to over-head waves on the reef during the summer and an abundance of sand bars on the inside creating lovely knee-to-waist deep flat water freestyle and learning spots. The beaches are wide allowing for safe launching and landing. A large inland creek known as Mida lies just off the main bay meaning that Watamu has lots to offer on a daily basis. Tribe Watersports run excursions to the idyllic riding spots at Mida and joining the Watamu Kite club will get you discounts and free entry in to clubs, bars and restaurants in the local area. Tribe also now run instructor courses – see the schools section.


Two trade wind seasons in Watamu: The Kaskazi blows December - April from the NE, averaging around 20 - 25 knots. Generally picking up from about 11am you’ll use your nine a lot and your 12 well into the evening. The Kuzi blows June - September from the SE and is the windiest time, averaging 25 knots, occasionally up to 30+, so bring your seven. Both these equatorial systems are extremely constant and blow cross and cross-onshore, providing safe riding conditions. The Kuzi season has best swells with lots of reefs and sandbars for the large Indian Ocean swells to break over. Pop into the Tribe Watersports HQ at Medina Palms for a brief on the best spots are and where to avoid.

Air temperatures can reach 36°C / 97°F during the Kaskazi season. Kuzi evenings are a little chillier, so bring your hoody. Water temperatures range from 25-30°C / 77- 86°F throughout the year, so it’s boardies or bikinis 365!

Kenya Watamu Kiteworld travel

Kenya Watamu Kiteworld travel
PHOTOS / Tribe Watersports


Medina Palms resort is highly recommended with a wide range of accommodation from apartments to houses for groups. Offering the best of everything at affordable rates, it's right on the beach. Self-catering is possible in all apartments and houses, but there are also restaurants on site. Tribe Watersports is located on site at Medina Palms.


TRIBE WATERSPORTS is a BKSA approved school running courses for all levels, typically at 2:1. A full range of Slingshot gear is available to rent, so you're covered whatever the weather and the Watamu Kitesurfing Club provide rescue cover and storage, as well as SUP, windsurfing, bodyboarding and kayaking rental and tuition. Video coaching and photo-shoots also available.

Kenya Watamu Kiteworld travel
PHOTO / Tribe Watersports

Languages spoken by staff: English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch.



+254 (0) 718 553 355



Day or weekend safari trips leave Watamu daily. The Araboke Sakoke forest has a watering hole within a 15 minute drive from the centre of town where elephants regularly drink. Also find incredible diving and deep sea fishing or visit local historical ruins. There’s also a local snake park, turtle rehab centre or sundowner dhow cruises on Mida creek. SUP lessons and rental through Tribe.

Kenya Watamu Kiteworld travel
PHOTO / Tribe Watersports


There are loads of tuk-tuks to take you to different kitesurfing spots along the bay, for around 300KSH from anywhere in town. Bodabodas are motor bike taxis and they charge just around 50KSH, though these have been known to be a bit reckless!


Kenyan Shilling (KSH): £1 = 140KSH / €1 = 118KSH / $1 = 87KSH Dollars are widely accepted and there are cash points that accept foreign cards.


There are two main supermarkets and, as a fishing village, it’s especially easy to get hold of fresh fish, lobster and crab at very little cost. Lots of options for eating out and, with a large Italian influence in the area, the pizza restaurants are excellent!


Malindi airport (MYD) is 20 mins away. Mombassa (MBA) is 2.5 hrs away. Transfers can be organised by Tribe Watersports. There are daily flights into Kenya. Tribe Watersports recommend Ethiopian Airways - there’s a stop-off in Addis Ababa for a few hours, but you can take 60kg of baggage starting at £450 return. Kenya Airways also fly into Nairobi with connecting flights to Malindi and Mombasa.

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