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Great South Bay NYC Kiteworld travel


Peak Season: April – November
Avg Air Temp: 26 – 32°C / 78 – 90°F


Beer: $4.50
Restaurant Meal: $15 – $20
Accommodation: $165


+1 (631) 691-0793


Kiteboarding just outside New York City? Yes, sir. And look at the pictures, it’s incredible. Just an hour’s train ride from Penn station and the bustling metropolis of Manhattan delivers you to world class kiteboarding with miles of shallow, butter-flat water in the bay and large sandy beaches and good waves on the ocean.

Great South Bay NYC Kiteworld travel


The Great South Bay (GSB) is the premiere kiteboarding location in the tri-state area. Offering miles of butter-flat waist-deep water akin to the legendary slicks of North Carolina and there are kite-able conditions in every wind direction. Discover literally miles of ocean facing beaches and several wave spots that work in both onshore and side-on wind directions.


The GSB is rideable from March through until December; best months: April to November. Wind speed varies from 15 – 30mph and is predominantly southerly in the main season and northerly during the winter. Nine to 15 metre kites for the majority of kiteable days. The GSB is predominantly a flat water spot though there can be some outstanding waves outside the bay, especially during the hurricane swells of summer and early fall. The winter fires with consistent, large swells but it’s very cold. Neoprene is useful throughout the year as this is the North Atlantic. In the summer ride in boardshorts or a shorty as the water temp reaches 21°C / 70°F and in the spring and early autumn a full 3/2 spring suit. However, in the winter you’ll need a lot more rubber, hoods and gloves. Daytime summer air temperatures peak at 26 – 32°C / 78 - 90°F. It’s not uncommon for it to snow here in the depths of winter. This allows for snowkite lesson options.

Great South Bay NYC Kiteworld travel


There are a handful of hotels within ten minutes of the kite spot. If you head west you’ll find yourself heading back towards NYC and driving east will take you towards the Hamptons, Montauk, the north shore and beyond. In either direction you’ll find a vast array of accommodation options from motels to five star golf retreats that will suit any budget.


NY KITE CENTER is the biggest school/ retailer in the northeast USA. Teaching all levels (including up to training IKO instructors) on a 2:1 ratio on North, Cabrinha, Slingshot, Best and a choice of lots more gear. Jet-skis and safety boats on lessons and ‘no wind’ board skill lessons on ‘boomtime’ boat apparatus. Snowkiting lessons in winter.

Certified by: IKO
+1 (631) 691-0793

Great South Bay NYC Kiteworld travel


This is New York and it’s literally impossible to get bored! If you still want to get in the water then NY Kite Center has SUP and surfboards for hire and some of the local beaches kick up good surfing waves. Out of the water, Long Island has over 50 wineries to get stuck into, so that’s certainly a fun way to pass an afternoon... or two. ‘The Big Apple’ is only an hour’s train journey away and should need no introduction as to its lures. You’d need to stay for a year just to scratch the surface.

NY Times Square Kiteworld Travel


Public transport is very accessible. If you’re staying in New York City then take the train to Amityville and then a five minute taxi ride from the station to the main spot at NY Kite Center. If you’re staying more locally then buses are reliable and there are lots of taxis. If you want to get out of New York and go further afield, hire a car.


US Dollar ($) - £1 = $1.5 / €1 = $1.2


Amityville has stacks of restaurants, bars and supermarkets within a five minute drive from the kite
spot. You can’t go wrong with Cornucopia’s Noshery in Amityville for breakfast or lunch but if you journey into NYC itself then the culinary world is your oyster! As the locals say, you can find the best of everything here!


More international airports than just about any city in the world. John F. Kennedy (JFK) is 40 minutes from Amityville, LaGuardia (LGA) is 50 minutes, Newark (EWR) is 75 minutes and MacArthur (ISP) is the closest at just a 20 minute drive from Amityville. The AirTrain from JFK to the Long Island railroad is easily navigated, taking you to within a five minute taxi ride from NY Kite Center.
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