El Medano | Tenerife

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El Medano, Tenerife


Peak Season: Jan – Sept
but wind all year round
Avg Air Temp: 25°C / 78°F
Avg Water Temp:  22°C / 72°F


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Epic strong wind kiting and the chilled Canarian culture

“Tenerife is one of the most complete kiting destinations I’ve been to with consistent conditions and loads of off-water activities.” MATT PEARCE, KW ASSOCIATE EDITOR

Duotone Pro Center


Tenerife’s key kiting location is El Medano, a vibrant town less than fifteen minutes from the airport with three separate kite spots and ultra-reliable wind.

Playa Los Balos is the main launch close to the town and gets side-on wind from the left with bump and jump chop out in the bay, small waves on the left and some flatter sections further upwind closer to the town. There’s easily space for 100 kiters or more and when the wind ramps up you’ll see some huge jumps being sent! If you kite a bit further to the right, downwind in the bay where it curves round, you can ride some nice onshore waves.

Basically everything is accessible from one launch. So if you also then kite upwind a few tacks across the sheltered bay to outside the harbour wall you’ll get to two wave spots,‘the wall’ and ‘the bunker’. Both are well positioned to catch swell and they regularly do. The best waves are on lower tides when the period between them tends to stretch out a bit more, but watch your fins on the inside.

If you go upwind of the bunker you’ll stray towards Cabezo Beach which is a windsurf spot, so beware! There are also several kite and surf shops in the area if you’re looking for new gear or spares.


The wind is really consistent from January to September with a little a lull around May and June. July and August are the windiest months with the biggest waves but conditions carry on right through to December ranging from 14 to 28 knots with some 30+ knot days too. Basically you can score here all year, and it’s warm pretty much all year too. Quick getaway anyone?

The most regularly-used kite size is nine metres for freeriding with wave riders using smaller, but the wind can really ramp up here, too. In summer months you can wear a shortie or just board shorts / bikini and the water averages 22°C / 72°F. From October onwards, most people use a 3/2.

The Canarian climate is warm but not overly so. In summer it averages 25°C / 78°F but bring a light jacket for windy nights. In winter, it’s still pleasant but a little cooler and you’ll need trousers and a jacket at night.


There are hotels and a broad choice of rental properties. If you’re self-catering, the supermarkets and shops are well stocked and everything is within walking distance.


DUOTONE PRO CENTER is open 365 days a year, teaching all levels with IKO instructors and most lessons are 1:1. The latest Duotone gear is for hire or sale with all kite sizes, twin-tips, directionals and foils available. They run a jet ski rescue in the bay and DPC also have windsurf gear, SUPs and surfboards available.

Languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch and Polish.

+34 922 178 394


El Medano has a relaxed atmosphere and the local community mixes seamlessly with the many kiters and windsurfers. There’s also plenty going on with nightclubs, bars, cafes and restaurants where you can wile away your evenings.

There are hotels and a broad choice of rental properties. If you’re self-catering, the supermarkets and shops are well stocked and everything is within walking distance. If it’s not windy then you can go surfing or SUPing, walk up Montana Roja overlooking the town or just chill by the beach.

There’s a lot to do beyond El Medano with the incredible Mount Teide National Park where you can hike (or get the cable car) up Teide - the world’s fifth tallest active volcano. Tenerife is famous for world class mountain biking, road cycling, rock climbing and paragliding, but if you want to take the pace down, then the inland areas around Masca are beautiful. Las Americas is a close-by tourist resort and is where you’ll find a proper party. There’s also a large water park, which is family-friendly option.



Tenerife Sur Airport (TFS) is 15 minutes away with 36 airlines offering direct flights from across Europe. The Duotone Pro Centre can organise a transfer or you can easily get a taxi. Hire cars are available there too. Tenerife Norte (TFN) is an hour’s drive away.

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