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Crystal Coast | North Carolina – USA

Crystal Coast - North Carolina USA Kiteworld Magazine

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Crystal Coast - North Carolina USA Kiteworld Magazine


Peak Season: March – November
Summer Air Temp: up to 27°C / 80°F
Spring Water Temp:  16°C / 60°F
Summer Water Temp: 27°C / 80°F



Beer: $5

Restaurant Meal: $10 – $50

Accommodation: (HOTEL) $80




+1 252 269 9843



Lying further south in the state to Cape Hatteras on the mainland side, variety is one of the key attractions of the Crystal Coast with a multitude of incredible spots offering a wide range of experiences.


Crystal Coast - North Carolina USA Kiteworld Magazine

Blown Kiteboarding - Crystal Coast North Carolina Kiteworld Magazine 2016


Kiteboarding the Crystal Coast


The Bogue Banks is a 21 mile southfacing barrier on which the Atlantic side is easily accessible to the public. Coast Guard Point at the western end offers epic conditions for all levels and styles. There’s nice swell on the outer bar with flat water in the tide pool on the inner bar (depending on tides). Both set-ups offer awesome downwinder terrain.

The ocean side of ‘The Point’ has two large sandbars. In strong southwest winds the surf will start shaping up over the outer bar, offering clean hits as you run down-the-line. At low tide the inner bar will start to show, blocking the surf and serving up a beautiful butter-flat area. At high tide the surf will start to roll over that inner bar, often with nice shape to it. If you still want fl at water, just walk over the sand to the tide pool and you’ll find perfection!

Moving east from ‘The Point’ there’s 21 miles of surf terrain to play with. On the opposite side of the island Bogue Sound has many flat water locations featuring lots of little islands. Most spots are only accessible by boat, but you can easily access them for a $25 fee and it’s consistently shallow for miles, so is perfect for learning and improving.

The Carrot Island / Sand Dollar Shoal area has some of the best flat water riding on all of the Crystal Coast. Beautiful too - it’s not uncommon to see 20 wild horses running through the marsh grass while you’re kiting. A shoal sits about one metre above the water’s surface, blocking the wind and keeping things butter flat.


Crystal Coast - North Carolina USA Kiteworld Magazine


There’s also the Cape Lookout National Seashore which is the crowning jewel. The island is 56 miles long, completely uninhabited and beautiful. Ride flat water conditions in ‘The Hook’ or any of the many shallow, smoothwater areas. Take a short walk across the island and find some of the best surf the Crystal Coast has to offer. This area is where nature’s diversity meets a kitesurfer’s dream and turns it into reality.


Crystal Coast - North Carolina USA Kiteworld Magazine


Bouge Banks Kiteboarding Festival 2016



The season runs from March through November. In early and late season something like a 4mm wetsuit will be needed, but from May to September it’s lovely and warm. The best learning conditions start in mid-April and run right through the summer, deep into September when the water is warm and the wind is steady southwest. This is also the best time for waves, too. Some of the locals kite year round, but most travellers find January and February unfavourable. December and March are wildcard months, depending on the quality of the season. The wind strength peaks in the spring and autumn / fall, which could be anywhere from 15 to 35 knots, depending on the front. Summer winds are thermal and slightly more reliable, usually around 15 knots-plus, so expect to be shredding regularly on your nine to 12 metre kites.

Air temperatures vary throughout the year but rarely dip below 13°C / 55°F and reach around 27°C / 80°F in the high season. Water temperatures are similar, dipping to 16°C 60°F in March. In September the water temperatures peak at around 27°C / 80°F.


Crystal Coast - North Carolina USA Kiteworld Magazine


There is accommodation to suit any budget, with everything from guest houses to luxurious hotels and self-catering beachfront houses and apartments. As this is a popular holiday destination for both Americans and those from abroad, it’s very easy to find and book accommodation.

For lots of information on where to stay, where to eat and things to do, visit:


Crystal Coast - North Carolina USA Kiteworld Magazine Accommodation

Crystal Coast - North Carolina USA Kiteworld Magazine Accommodation


BLOWN KITEBOARDING teach all levels from April through December with safety boat support, including foil boarding and surf style tuition. Student to instructor ratio is no more than 3:1 and private lessons are also available. For an extra fee you can hire a boat to follow you through the shallow water of the Bogue Sound. Helmet radios provide excellent communication between instructors and students. The latest gear from Cabrinha, Ocean Rodeo, Best and more is updated every year. / / +1 252 269 9843


Blow Kiteboarding - Crystal Coast North Carolina Kiteworld Magazine 2016




Expect to see live music and buzzing crowds, especially in July and August. There are many family friendly activities available from state parks and nature reserves to aquariums and baseball stadiums, plus scuba diving, SUP, kayaking, surfing and some serious sport fishing as well.


SUP - Crystal Coast North Carolina Kiteworld Magazine 2016

Crystal Coast - North Carolina USA Kiteworld Magazine


Public transportation is very convenient if you decide to check out the nightlife, and also adequate for many trips you’ll need to take, but it’s worth considering a rental car to access the multitude of spots and things to do in the area.



US Dollar ($) - £1 = $1.5 / €1 = $1.2



There are supermarkets within short distances of any towns in the area. Find diverse cuisine choices, from burgers and fries to the freshest seafood thanks to the local Carteret Catch sustainable seafood programme.


Crystal Coast - North Carolina USA Kiteworld Magazine



Raleigh - Durham international airport (RDU) is a two-and-a-half hour drive away. New Bern regional airport (EWN) is just 40 minutes.

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