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Girl kitesurfing in Cocos Islands from Kiteworld magazine


Peak Season: July – September
Avg Air Temp: 28°C / 82ºF all year
Avg Water Temp: 21°C / 69°F



Beer: $5 – 6
Restaurant Meal: $20-50
Group Accommodation: Seasonal, $160 – 585 per night



Zephyr Kite Tours


+61 (0) 400 800 838

Kitesurfing Cocos Keeling Islands

"This place is just amazing, perfectly blue waters and ideal winds for 9 - 12m freestyle. The crew is great and lots of little turtles to ride alongside. I really appreciate my time spent there".

Tom Herbert, North Kiteboarding pro rider


The Lure

One of the most remote atolls in the world and sitting in the Indian Ocean trade wind route, this magical and unique group of islands offers unreal flat water freeriding, fantastic learning conditions and some very adventurous kitesurfing.


Cocos Keeling Islands - Kitesurfing, Windsurfing & Surfing

Video: Cocos Keeling Islands Visitor Centre

The Setup

Kite Beach is at the southern tip of West Island where the wind is cross onshore and blows cleanly between West and South Islands with waist deep water, a sandy bottom and a little bit of coral. Mostly flat water with some wind chop, it’s perfect for beginners, intermediates and advanced riders but works only on a mid to high tide. There’s also boat support on hand thanks to Zephyr Kite Tours.


Photos: Zephyr Kite Tours


Other spots like Long Beach and Sweet Spot can be reached via downwinder or by car. Levis is also good but suited only to experienced riders due to the tricky launch at high tide and the hard rock-coral. There’s some great surf there though and you can jump the re-formed waves coming across the reef. It’s worth noting that this is the only wave riding you’ll find on West Island as other spots are offshore and break onto sharp reefs.


Cocos Keeling Islands - Kiteboarder's heaven

Video: Zephyr Kite Tours


Trade winds blow from June to early December and July to September are the peak months with around 90% of days over 15 knots. Either side of those months it’s less reliable with the ‘Doldrums’ running from January to March.

The consistent trade conditions mean that the winds are very reliable during the season and you can be out on anything from eight to 14 metre kites.

Average air temperature is around 28°C / 82°F all year while the water averages around 21°C / 69.8°F. No wetsuits are required but a rash vest is certainly a good idea!


Accommodation is limited but there’s everything from a basic motel-style option or smaller, quaint beachside properties to deluxe Bali-Style bungalows or bigger houses. There are only a few places that can accommodate groups and they book up quickly during the windy season. Price ranges from $160 - $585 per night.


ZEPHYR KITE TOURS offer all-inclusive seven and 11 night Cocos packages with lessons, coaching and kite adventures plus accommodation, beach transfers and most meals. The school has experienced IKO instructors running a max 3:1 instructor ratio for all levels. All the latest North gear is available for lessons, hire or demo and a support boat is on hand for all lessons, downwinders and lagoon crossings. Lessons taught in English only. Zephyr operates from July to September each year.

Languages spoken by instructors: English / / +61 (0) 400 800 838


The day the fun began / Photos: Zephyr Kite Tours


Wind is reliable in season but there’s plenty to do if it doesn’t come through. Take a ferry to Home Island for a traditional Cocos-Malay meal and play scroungers golf on a Thursday with the locals. Zephyr have SUPs for hire from kite beach and you can paddle downwind from there to see marine wildlife like green turtles and reef sharks or go fishing, surfing or explore the neighboring islands instead.


Island style golf / SUP / Photos: Zephyr Kite Tours


Cocos Keeling Islands - Scuba Diving & Snorkelling

Video: Cocos Keeling Islands Visitor Centre


Experience the friendly and unique culture of Home Island and explore the historical Clunies Ross Homestead, Oceania House.


Cocos Keeling Islands - History and Culture with Destination WA

Video: Cocos Keeling Islands Visitor Centre


A car is essential to get to the spots as even Kite Beach is six kilometres from the settlement but guests of Zephyr get complimentary beach transfers.



Australian Dollar (AUD$)



Cocos is remote so food is expensive as it has to be flown in. The local supermarket has the essentials of fruit and veggies but you can also check out regular food nights hosted by locals where you’ll find a welcoming atmosphere and the Cocos Malay food is amazing, but spicy.

Zephyr Kite Tours’ have a qualified cook and nutritionist providing fantastic healthy food for all kiters on tour, but if you’re staying for a long time it might be worth bringing your own food from Perth.



Flights to CKI are from Perth international (PER) airport and provided by Virgin Australia twice weekly via Christmas Island. There are strict baggage restrictions, so make sure you stick to the weight allowance or you might not travel with your gear.

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