Who Can Handle the Red Bull Ragnarok?

The challenge for the Red Bull Ragnarok 2014 and 2015

Word on the street is that the 2015 event could happen in Norway today, if conditions allow.

The challenge for the Red Bull Ragnarok 2014 and 2015

PHOTO: Red Bull Content Pool

Now a staple in the snowkite event calendar, the 2014 event saw 200 of the sport’s top competitors representing 16 different nations for the toughest snowkite endurance race, the Red Bull Ragnarok on the Hardangavidda plateau in Norway. 2014 saw excellent snow cover and sunny weather which made impressive scenery with natural obstacles such as ravines, drifts, rocks and hills over the eight mile circuit that the racers had to complete five laps of. The competitors had to fight to keep their kites in the air as the wind was, at times, was very light. Efficient kiting skills are part of the serious mountain rider’s game… and only 40 kiters managed to finish the whole race.

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Sigve Botnen (Snowboard)
Dominik Zimmermann (Men’s Ski and Overall)
Camilla Ringvold (Women’s Ski)

Hear more about the challenge for the competitors and the environment in this video:

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