VKWC Venezuela Girls Big Air Results

VKWC Venezuela Women's Big Air Podium
VKWC Venezuela Women's Big Air Podium

VKWC Venezuela Women’s Big Air Podium: 1st Gisela Pulido, 2nd Hannah Whiteley, 3rd Annelous Lammerts, 4th Annabel van Westerop

Saturday afternoon in Venezuela and all eyes were focused on the girls fighting in their arena. The final saw a high level with nine-time World Champion Gisela Pulido looking very comfortable with big air tricks. She was opposed with British newcomer Hannah Whiteley (GB), Annelous Lammerts (NL) and Annabel Van Westerop (AW). 

Lammerts, Whiteley and Van Westerop decided not to make it too easy for their opponent and tried hard to deliver clean and well-composed board-offs. However the fierce competitor Gisela showed no mercy and finally snatched the lead from her contenders by landing a high handle pass rarely seen in girls battles. With this second win in big air discipline, Gisela secures her first position in the ranking closely followed by Hannah Whiteley who once again finishes 2nd. 3rd and 4th spots are respectively for Annelous Lammerts and Annabel Van Westerop.

Gisela Pulido: “I’m really happy because I was third in freestyle and to be first in big air gives me more motivation. I’m also happy because the level of the girls in this discipline is getting better and better because now it’s more professional. You have to work for it and to do all the tricks of the categories, you have to make them as high as you can and it’s tricky. Today the wind was not so strong so it was even more difficult to go as big as we could. But we had fun and that’s the most important. There is a really good atmosphere between all the girls in big air. In freestyle it’s more tough, there is more rivalry. In big air we try to enjoy!”

Hannah Whiteley: “It was really nice to compete and I had so much fun. Big air is really what makes kitesurfing stand out of the other watersports. In windsurfing for example, you can’t jump so high. For me it makes kitesurfing special. I really enjoy freestyle but big air feels really fun when the wind is super strong and it’s too much for freestyle. Today it was light wind, more a freestyle day but I had lots of fun and I’m happy of this second place. Congrats to Gisela and the other girls! I’m looking forward for next stop in Tarifa.”

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