Shawn Richman returns

Shawn Richman RRD International

A legend of the early days – Shawn’s back in the game and just joined RRD International


Shawn Richman RRD International

Photos: Anna Campbell

Shawn and his brother Jesse (heard of him?) started kiting way back in 2001 when their dad would pick them up from school on Maui, where they grew up, and take them of the infamous Kite Beach where they would hang on to brutal two line 1.5m, 2.5m, 3.5m kites as they were hauled around the bay.

Once they nailed upwind riding they progressed quickly and before they knew it they were sponsored, heading off to contest and travelling solo around the world. 

Kiting was their life and, while Jesse never lost his stoke, Shawn started to find himself losing his love for the sport as his career wore on. The photo shoots, the politics and the repetitiveness of his pro kiteboarder life got to him and, at just 26, he was burnt out. 


Shawn Richman RRD International


He went from kiting 300+ days a year to kiting twice a year for a number of years and it wasn’t until he was with his wife Anna Campbell filming a documentary on an African tribe in Kenya, far from the ocean, that he suddenly began to feel the urge to hit the water once again. 

The following week they got in their Land Rover and headed for the coast. With a clean slate as he saw it, Shawn was driven to get back on the water and with his love for the sport renewed, he was keen to charge hard once again.

Flash forward to now, he’s living in Kenya, building a kite and yoga retreat on Lamu Island while helping Anna with her conservation efforts and he’s just signed with RRD as he pitches back into the sport! Speaking of his new sponsorship he said..


“Sponsorship is like being in a partnership, a relationship, and a family. When I was thinking about who I wanted to talk to about getting back in the sport I thought back on all the connections that I had made in my career, one person stood out that I’ve always had the upmost respect for. That was Roberto (the head of RRD).I love how tightly put together the gear feels and how much attention to detail there is. I picked up my gear and within five minutes, I felt like I was as comfortable with my gear as I would on a 6-month-old quiver.”


Shawn Richman RRD International


It’s awesome to see him back in the game. Check him out going head to head with his bro Jesse a few years back on Maui!



Want to shred with Shawn? You can find out a little more about his East African kite school operation at

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