Red Bull Mega Loop Challenge

Red Bull Mega Loop Challenge 2015

Wind window and vid entry submissions period extended for Dutch and International riders

Red Bull Mega Loop Challenge 2015 wind window and video submissions

DEAR STORM CHASERS… PLEASE BE PATIENT – is the message from Red Bull!

The video submission period for The Red Bull Mega loop Challenge has been extended for a further two weeks due to the event now being open to international riders (not just Dutch) who can make it to Holland within a 48 hour call. The wind window for the possible running of the contest has also changed to April 22 – November 10. 

Ruben Lenten will personally invite eight kiters to take part of this storm chasing event. He will pick the other eight kiters based on megaloop videos they send in. And if you haven’t done yet, take your chance (and your camera)!

Videos can be submitted until 21 April at:  

Both Dutch and international kiters are welcome to enter.

WIND WINDOW:  22 April – 10 November

LOCATION:  The Spot, Zandvoort

CONDITIONS NEEDED:  30 knots or more

Think you can do better than Charles Tiger in the video below? Then send in a video! 

Charles TIGER • Red Bull MegaLoop Challenge “Wildcard Video” from TIGER Productions on Vimeo.

Watch more video submissions here. 

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