Red Bull King Of The Air 2020 Video Entry Deadline Looms

Big month for qualifying for KOTA – via Taiwan or via videos!


Extreme Big Air Kiteboarding has grown into a fully fledged discipline. After seven editions, the KOTA is undergoing some tweaks and iterations which include a qualification round and the decision to open up the competition to both men and women. As the deadline for the video entries approaches, riders of all calibres and experience are taking to their laptops to piece together their most impressive clips.


Video Entry Deadline

Photo by Christian Black | Red Bull content pool


Kiteboarders who think they have what it takes to compete in with the world’d best aerialists in an extreme air contest, are invited to submit a one-minute video of their biggest airs to  According to Red Bull, ‘the judging panel are looking for video clips featuring big, completed, aerials. The judges must clearly be able to see the potential of the rider’.

The deadline for submissions is now extended to 30 November 2019. From the entries, the event committee will select the top 14 clips. These riders will then earn a spot in the official qualification round. 

Four wildcards will join the 14 invitees in a Dingle format (repecharge) event. The top six riders from this event will then go on to compete against the six top finishers from 2019 in the Red Bull King of the Air main event at Kite Beach, Cape Town. The weather window for the main event will be 1 to 16 February 2020.

For more info go to or some insight into what makes a good video entry, click here.


Here are some of the best entries so far…


Olly Bridge’s loops on a foil kite are insane!


and his little brother isn’t too shabby either…


Ewan Jaspan shows that his talent spans across the whole of kiteboarding’s disciplines.


After pulling out of the 2019 event with a rib injury during his heat against Jerry Van De Kop, Aaron is looking to qualify via with this entry submission. He’s won it twice before, but he’s never won the qualifier…


Find all the video entries that have been submitted so far here



As mentioned above, there will be four wildcards that make it into the qualifiers. These are: Ross Dillon-Player, Luis Alberto Cruz, Stuart Downey and X. That’s right, the last place is yet to be decided – at the KOTA Asian Qualifiers in Tawian.




From the 21st-25th of November 2, the KTA will be holding the KOTA qualifiers on Qiding Beach, Miaoli County, which is heralded as the Hawaii of Taiwan. Miaoli and Taiwan are known for the epic nuking wind conditions, that are just the ticket for any Red Bull KOTA qualifier. The qualifier will be held over a five day holding period to ensure that the riders get the best opportunity for the wind they need to bust out their big air moves and blow the judges away. 


There’s your two passages to the infamous KOTA 2020. Tempted? Get your editing mittens on or head to the KTA site for more information about the final qualifier of the year.




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