Ocean Rodeo Aluula Kite Material – A Game Changer?

Ocean Rodeo Aluula Black

Ocean Rodeo Aluula:  


The press release below was originally posted on the site in February 2020. 
We have since tested the Ocean Rodeo Aluula Roam 10m A-Series kite in January 2021. Read the full review here in issue #108

Ocean Rodeo Press release:
Vancouver Island, Canada,
February 17th, 2020

Following many months of R&D, the final Ocean Rodeo Aluula air frame kites are now in production. The first batch has arrived with key dealers across the world.

Aluula Black Ocean Rodeo kite material

These kites represent the latest and most exciting stage in Ocean Rodeo’s ongoing mission to reduce overall kite weight while enhancing strength and performance. We are proud to formally unveil the world’s lightest and strongest performance kites. 


The Aluula-series (A-Series) Roam and Flite are built with the ground-breaking new Aluula composite material. 100% UV stable and virtually un-rippable, Aluula weighs just 82 grams per square meter.

Ocean Rodeo’s new Ridge Seam has been designed specifically for the Aluula composite material. Seam strength has been improved by over 40% compared to traditional stitching methods.

Ocean Rodeo Aluula kite material

The shimmering gold of Ocean Rodeo’s Aluula air frame kite material

The widest and most accessible wind range ever seen

The A-Series kites deliver enhanced light wind performance because of the rigid air frame, which also holds shape and control in overpowered situations. The low-stretch, quick-flex properties of the Aluula air frame re-sets any distortion significantly faster than traditional Dacron air frames.

The result is improved control when reaching the kite’s top end and improved performance throughout the wind range.

The Aluula air frame delivers instant feedback because the gusts and lulls are instantly transmitted to your control system. You have the ability to maximize your kite’s power, depower and turning potential, revolutionising your kitesurfing experience.



Richard Myerscough, Ocean Rodeo founder & CEO:

“With our Aluula-Series kites, we’ve managed to expand the wind range both up and down. I’ve had test sessions on the 10m Roam where others on 8m and 7m kites were being blown off the water. In light winds, I’ve been out and having an absolute blast on the 10m, where 12m Dacron kites are falling out of the sky. These kites are like highly tuned super cars with responsive suspension. You really get to feel the wind like never before, it is incredible.”

KitePower Australia have had their hands on it:
“We think this material is a real game changer. As big a revolution as the introduction of four lines and this is the best new tech to come into kite construction and design since the “bow” kite design in 2005/6.”


Kite Tests in Kiteworld Magazine issue #108

“The first thing that I have to say about this kite is that it’s one of the easiest and least complicated good-performance kites to fly that I’ve possibly ever ridden.”

We tested the Roam in January 2021. First published in Kiteworld issue #108 – read it here

The Aluula-Series kites were made available to consumers from spring 2020.

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