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Lord of the Wind 2016 Baja Kiteworld Magazine


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Lord of the Wind 2016 Baja Kiteworld Magazine


The decisive day at Lord of the Wind 2016 has dawned and riders were yet again ready for an epic finale, and the last chance to demonstrate their skills in what was a thrilling round of heats in the Big Air competition. Julien Kerneur took a ‘go-for-broke’ approach in the final, which saw this star rider achieve the highest jump at 11.6 meters, showcasing commitment, strength and confidence. Jacob Olivier powerful riding style earned him second spot on the podium, followed by “airborn” Anthar Racco.

Perfect wind and wave conditions produced strong heats in the women’s big air competition. In the Finals, Cynthia Brown proved that she knows how to go big, dominating her way to victory. Kris Kinn secured silver with a jump at 8.4 metres and bronze to Astrid Berz.



The Slalom competition saw high octane racing and fierce competition as the riders weaved their way skilfully around the track. Bruno Ferreira came up with the goods, found better speed and superb style to seize the title.

As the riders headed ashore, they reflect on an action packed week, showcasing their sport at it’s very best with some gripping and nail biting battles. There was deserved celebration for the winners who could now relax and enjoy the atmosphere on the beach and the post race party Mexican style.

You can find the final results for each category here:

2016 Pro Kite Foil: www.lordofthewindbaja.com/2016-pro-kite-foil
2016 Pro Slalom: www.lordofthewindbaja.com/2016-pro-slalom
2016 Pro Freestyle: www.lordofthewindbaja.com/2016-pro-freestyle
2016 Big Air – Pro/Open/Masters: www.lordofthewindbaja.com/2016-open-big-air
2016 Open Slalom: www.lordofthewindbaja.com/2016-open-slalom


More information at www.lordofthewindbaja.com

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