Levitaz Kitefoils launch new 2017 product range

Levitaz foilboard collection


Levitaz Kitefoils are launching a new product portfolio for 2017


Levitaz are expanding their product portfolio for 2017, and are launching the Levitaz Cruizer. The Cruizer’s perfect for when you’re starting out foiling as it requires a low take-off speed, whilst the wide lift surface of the front wing makes it possible to start hovering early. Due to the modern hydrodynamic shape, the Cruizer performs like a high performance foil and will suit riders who love to cruise or strapless riders.

In addition, the new product range will be supplemented with the new Aspect HW front wing (HW meaning “high wind”). The Aspect HW is offered as an additional part, and is ideally suited for foiling in strong wind conditions and can be controlled easily, even when riding overpowered.

Levitaz Kitefoil collection 2017

The race setup, known as the Bionic, has been completely revised and will be relaunched in 2017. Not only a new race mast, but also new front and rear wings are available in the series. Even if the wingtips come out of the water, the special design of the wings prevents crashes. This feature is extremely important, particularly in the field of competitive racing where extreme leaning angles on the upwind course are necessary. Additionally, a special race finish is offered for the Bionic setup, which reduces the mast ventilation to a minimum.


Levitaz kitefoil wings


The Levitaz carbon masts have a new geometry and will be available in two lengths (96cm mast with plate and deep tuttle connection, 110cm mast with plate connection). Additionally all 2017 foils come complete with a bag, including a protective cover set.


Levitaz board range

The existing Levitaz boards – Exo and Transformer – have also had a facelift and will come with traction deck pads.


Levitaz Transformer

The Levitaz Transformer is a modern 5’1″ waveboard with an interface for kite foils. As a waveboard it’s ideal for high speeds, fast manoeuvres and tight turns in small to medium waves. To maximize the wave performance Levitaz use inserts for the foil attachment, with plenty of options for foot strap positioning ensuring individual adjustments. The classic surfboard design helps riders to advance their skills faster due to the forgiveness of its shape and the well balanced volume. The Transformer, surf and foilboard in one, is perfect for travelling and the ideal single board solution.

Levitaz Transformer


Click HERE to read the Kiteworld review on the Element foil / Transformer setup that featured in issue #83


Levitaz Exo

The Levitaz Exo is an all-round foilboard for advanced foilers who do not want to commit to one style of foiling. Whether freestyle or strapless, big air or wave, the Exo is the ultimate all-rounder. The Exo is equipped with a track system which lets you assemble and mount the foil according to your performance skills. Furthermore, the Exo comes with a full deck traction pad which enables perfect grip and comfort making it ideal for strapless foiling.


Levitaz Exo


Levitaz Raze

The Levitaz Raze is the newest addition to the Levitaz product portfolio; with the design based on the experience of pro-tour riders, and was co-shaped by Vice World Champion Olly Bridge together with Bisschops Boards Australia. The Raze, a full carbon board, is the ultimate racing machine, allowing for early planing and maximum speeds combined with sharp bevelled edges to enable aggressive leaning angles for best upwind courses. The deck is finished with a special anti-skid texture with perfect grip without adding weight.

Levitaz Raze


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