Learn to ride waves with KB4girls in Mexico this spring!

The dates for the KB4girls spring women’s wave riding retreat in Baja California are set for May 20th-27th 2017.



It’s a transformative week of skill-building, confidence growing, friendship, laughter, yoga, nature, kiting and amazing Mexican food and there’s only a few spots left, so be quick ladies!

The new mission of KB4girls’ Women’s Kiteboarding Organization is to “Connect, Educate, and Inspire Women in Kiteboarding.”

Last November during their women’s only island crossing attempt they did a round of personal introductions for the 30+ women participating in the challenge. Something one of the women shared resonated with their mission.

Dr. Jeanne Simon is a PhD psychologist, kiteboarder from the early years, world-adventurer and pioneer of a new nature-based treatments called Heart Walks. In Jeanne’s introduction she asked the women in the group to consider stopping apologizing, specifically for their kiteboarding skill level.

She urged everyone to enjoy and celebrate exactly where they are. To delight in the achievement of having learned this crazy technical sport and to being wild and free in the ocean.

If you want to be surrounded by inspiring women like this and to push your limits with likeminded female riders then check out the KB4girls wave camp trip in May with Exotikite!

More info at kb4girls.org

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