Kitesurfers fly with birds, not against them!

GKA Kites and Birds

Show the World the Good Environmental Intentions of Kitesurfers!
Monday 27th March, 2017 
Hamburg, Germany


The Global Kitesports Association (GKA) is formed by kitesurfing’s leading brands to represent the interests of the kite-sports industry to support and promote the interests of all kite riders. You will hear a lot about the work they’ve done to smooth out the pathway for professional riders in the sport in terms unifying the world tours, but a huge part of their work is focused on the safe future pathways for the industry and sport as a whole.

A large part of that comes down to environmental education of governments and councils as to the nature of kitesurfing and its participants.

Some members of the German government are currently trying to enforce bans for kitesurfing on many of their beaches, through an incorrect understanding of the dangers that kitesurfers present to the environment, most notably – birds. 

GKA Secretary General, Dr. Jörgen Vogt has spent a lot of time liaising with the environmental lobbyists and presenting them with information he has sourced from scientists and experts from different European countries.

Please take a look at the images and information below and if you want to help support the common goal of keeping beaches open for kitesurfers, then please share and help this project fly as far as the birds themselves!


GKA Kite and Birds


GKA - Kitesurfing and bird facts

GKA - Kitesurfing and bird facts



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The GKA oversees all official ‘expression’ ‘World Tour’ kitesurfing disciplines as recognised by World Sailing, including twin-tip freestyle (delegated to WKL), wave and strapless freestyle. More at:


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