Kevin Langeree wins the Red Bull King of the Air 2019!

Kevin Langeree King of the Air 2019

King Kev takes his third KOTA crown

And becomes the first rider ever to do so after winning in 2014, 2018 and now 2019!


Kevin Langeree King of the Air 2019

Photo: Craig Kolesky

Kevin Langeree made history today by becoming the first man ever to win the Red Bull King of the Air three times in front of a crowd of over 8000 people on Kite Beach in Cape Town, South Africa! 

He walked away victorious after an absolutely stellar final against Liam Whaley and Jesse Richman and, watching the heat blow by blow, it was impossible to tell who’d come out on top when the final buzzer went. The word is that there was less than 2 points overall between first and second place by the time the judges had tallied up all the scores!

Jesse opened with a straight air before sticking a backloop into a handlepass followed by a double rotation and then one of his trademark kite loop double half cabs and it looked as though he was leading the 13 minute heat in the early stages. Then Liam weighed in with a big boogie loop and a sent double kung fu handlepass which he followed up with a kite loop KGB and the title chase was on!



Photo: Tyrone Bradley

Kevin responded with a fluid, composed and clinical display. He fired off a succession of big, stretched out board-off mega loops, inverted kite loop backloops and tweaked one footers and although he wasn’t opting for technicality in the same way that Jesse and Liam were (he wasn’t unhooking), he was out in front when it came to amplitude. When he stomped a new trick – a board-off boogie loop – he sealed the deal!



Photo: Ydwer van der Heide

In previous years, Kevin has seemed a little more tense at King of the Air. Today before the semis though he had a relaxed air about him and he commented to us before his first heat of the day that he was just looking forward to going out there and sending it with his friends. And he did just that… all the way to victory!

Speaking from the podium, Kevin said. 

“To be up here for the third time is amazing. Sharing it with these amazing riders is just something magical, you know. These guys were killing it – they were going so big!” 


Jesse Richman Red Bull King of the Air 2019

Photo: Tyrone Bradley

Jesse took second overall but also earned himself the Mystic Most Extreme Move award for his Kung-Fu handlepass on day one. Jesse rode out of his skin today, beating fellow North team rider Nick Jacobsen in a tight semi-final heat, and to have claimed a podium spot on a kite he’d barely even ridden before the event is sensational! Add to that the fact that he’d had four local anaesthetic injections in his ribs this morning just to make the pain from his day one injury bearable is, frankly, insane!





1: Kevin Langeree – NL

2: Jesse Richman – USA

3: Liam Whaley – ESP



1: Jesse Richman – USA


We’re still processing this one. It was epic. If you missed the action then watch the highlights below!



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