The IKA Snowkite Worldcup 2018 begins

Stop one of the IKA Snowkite Worldcup 2018 takes place at the International Snowkite Open in Lake Reschen, Italy



From the 26th – 27th January 2018, Lake Reschen played host to more than 80 Snowkiters from all over the world. The International Snowkite Open hosted the first leg of the IKA Snowkite Worldcup 2018 across an action packed weekend. 

The first day was all about the Long Distance Race, where 81 Snowkiters tried to finish the approximately 60km course around the lake as fast as possible. In the ski division, Florian Gruber (GER) finished first in 1hr and 39 minutes just before Felix Kersten (GER) and Bruce Kessler (CH). In the snowboarding division, Ronny Bollhalder (CH) was leading the first two rounds and was nearing victory until cramps in his legs stopped him from keeping up his lead. Bernd Spiering (GER) and Aldo Storelli (ITA) took advantage and left Ronny in third place.  



Nadine Stippler (GER) was the only woman on skis to finished the Long Distance Race while Latvian power girl Aija Ambrase was able to win against Silvia Semprini (ITA) on her snowboard.

Saturday and Sunday were all about Freestyle and Course Racing. Unfortunately, the wind didn’t show up on saturday so the spectators and competitors enjoyed the beautiful weather and great atmosphere at the event village. With no races on saturday the regatta crew was motivated to go for as many races on sunday as possible and after six successful races and a few protest hearings the organizers were able to crown the winners of the first event of the IKA Snowkite Worldcup 2018.

Felix Kersten fought hard against his countryman Gruber, but couldn’t beat his outstanding performance. With another second podium spot it was truly a successful weekend for Felix. The third place goes to Russian Pro-Rider Andrei Balyakin.

Also, the girls showed that they belong on the racing track. On her snowboard, Aija Ambrasa from Latvia won every single race and secured a well deserved top position on the podium. Silvia Semprini from Italy saved the second place before Judith Müller from Germany.



During her first time on skis while kiting, Jana Schader (GER) left Anna Maria Gadzinowska (ITA) and Lisa Pozzi (CH) behind and scored another spot on the podium.

In the afternoon, the freestylers were able to show what kind of tricks they got in their pockets. In the middle of lake they hit the kicker and the slider and impressed the crowds with stomped rotations and jumps.

Andrea Luca Ammann (CH) was able to take the win before local Rider Fabian Oberhofer (ITA) and Heinar Brandstötter (AUT). Jana Schader (GER) went straight after the races into the Freestyle-Competition and won against Aina Renolen (NOR) and Carola de Groot (NED).


Day 3 of the IKA Snowkite World Cup 2018 | Int. Snowkite Open 2018 from mTwo Media on Vimeo.


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