IKA Kiteboarding World Championships

IKA Kiteboarding World Championships


Martinez crowned double world champion in Sardinia



Press release – IKA

Sunny calm weather graced the skies over Porto Pollo Sardinia for the final day of competition, however since the competition had been completed the days previous, competitors had a great chance to check out the surrounding area and take in some of the beautiful scenery this country has on offer. Some riders chose to go swimming in the pristine secluded bays, whilst other simply enjoyed an ice cream on the beach.
Come afternoon it was time for the awards ceremony hosted in the neighboring town of Palau. The local council had set up a big stage in the village amphitheater where a few hundred people turned out to witness the prize giving, party and enjoy the local cuisine.
The awards ceremony commenced at seven o’clock and started with announcing the winners of the Porto Pollo Grand Slam.

The stand out being the amazing victory by young British rider Tom Bridge. riding against others many times his age Tom kept his composure and threw down the best backside 315 of the event which undoubtedly sealed him the deal. We’re really happy to see a young man like Bridge with so much talent competing and we truly think he has big things destined for his future in this sport!
The question everyone was asking for the night was which rider would be crowned the Big Air World Champion, as both Crathern and Martinez were tied on points totals for the year. Crathern had a first and a third result, whilst Martinez had a third and a first.

In the end it came down to the third and final point stated in the rules able to break a tie and that is; who ever placed highest in the most recent event would be awarded the title.

In this case it was Martinez who had placed highest in the last event so it would be Martinez who would be gifted the Big Air World Championship title!

Having also won the Freestyle World Championship, Martinez is not only the first ever Dominican rider taking a world championship title but also one of the very few winning titles in two disciplines (or tours) in the same year.

Crathern put in a huge effort this year, consistently wowing the crowds at events and generally flying the flag high for the Big Air discipline, so we must say a big thank you to Lewis for all his hard work! Both riders were no doubt just as deserving of the title.
As the ceremony wound down the food and wine came out and the music was turned up, riders and locals mingled, talking and dancing late into the night.
Thank you Porto Pollo for having us and gifting us with fantastic competition conditions and thank you to all the riders and staff who turned up and helped support and run this fine event! Until next time! Cheers.

2016 IKA Kiteboarding World Championships Final Results 

Wave Riding Men:
1st Pedro Matoz (BRA / North) – 1000 pts
2nd Filippe Ferreira (BRA / F-One) – 915 pts
3rd Sebastian Ribeiro (BRA / North) – 855 pts
Full rankings: http://worldkiteleague.com/index.php/rankings/wave/wave-men

Wave Riding Women:
1st Ines Correia (POR / North) – 1000 pts
2nd Milla Ferreira (BRA / Cabrinha) – 915 pts
3rd Jia Lin Hou (TPE / F-One) – 855 pts
Full rankings: http://worldkiteleague.com/index.php/rankings/wave/wave-women

Big Air Men:
1st Posito Martinez (DOM / Da Silva) – 1855 pts
2nd Lewis Crathern (GBR / North) – 1855 pts
3rd Marius Hoppe (GER) – 1830 pts
Full rankings: http://worldkiteleague.com/index.php/rankings/big-air/big-air-men 
Big Air Women:
1st Bibiana Magaji (SVK / Flysurfer) – 2000 pts
2nd Franziska Otth (SUI / Naish) – 915 pts
3rd Ines Correia (POR / North) – 915 pts
Full rankings: http://worldkiteleague.com/index.php/rankings/big-air/big-air-women
Freestyle Men:
1st Posito Martinez (DOM / Da Silva) – 2040 pts
2nd Carlos Mario (BRA / Slingshot) – 2000 pts
3rd Youri Zoon (NED / Silingshot) – 1915 pts
Full rankings: http://worldkiteleague.com/index.php/rankings/freestyle/freestyle-men
Freestyle Women:
1st Estefania Rosa (BRA / Cabrinha) – 2615 pts
2nd Bruna Kajiya (BRA / Airush) – 1915 pts
3rd Annabel Van Westerop (ARU) – 1855 pts
Full rankings: http://worldkiteleague.com/index.php/rankings/freestyle/freestyle-women

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