GKA Distance Battle Strapless Freestyle Final Results

Capucine Delannoy kitesurfer

The GKA Distance Battle Freestyle Champions have been crowned!

Words: GKA

Sunday night, the GKA Distance Battle, the first online kitesurfing competition of its kind, crowned its Strapless Freestyle winners. 

In the women’s division mini finals, Charlotte Carpentier was up against current world champion, Carla Herrera. Charlotte was struggling with light wind and her 10m kite but managed to land a smooth back roll and mix in some un-hooked moves which gave her the advantage and a 3rd place win, with 12.97 points.

In the men’s mini finals Mitu Monteiro and James Carew were scoring high with technical tricks and big air rodeos. Mitu with a clean double front roll shove it, and big kite-loop back rolls and James with a powerful toeside air 540 and landing the tricky toeside shove-it 3. Scores were close but Mitu took the lead and 3rd place ahead of James.

Watch Sunday’s Finals Livestream here now:

Women’s Final: Mikaili Sol V Capucine Delannoy

In the women’s final two of the youngest riders of the GKA Kite World Tour went head to head against each other from their home spot Preá. Both girls have stepped up their strapless freestyle game this year and their hard work has paid off, enabling them to make the finals of the GKA Distance Battle. Both riders were going for air and technical tricks, Mikaili Sol landed a big front roll and back roll board off and Capucine Delannoy a smooth back roll and 1 foot back roll. The young French athlete took the lead and Capucine won with 27.02 over 16.37

Men’s Final: Camille Delannoy V Pedro Matos

In the men’s final, like the women, both riders in Brazil. Camille Delannoy in the north and Pedro Matos in the south, conditions looked great for both riders. Camille stomped a double front roll tic tac and a triple front roll but Pedro’s double front roll shove-it and toeside 7 gave him the lead and the win. Pedro’s family were stoked to hear the news of his win over the livestream, and crashed the live interview, showering him with champagne and congratulations!

Well done to all the athletes that made the finals of the GKA Distance Battle. 


1st Capucine Delannoy 27.02
2nd Mikaili Sol
3rd Charlotte Carpentier

1st Pedro Matos 31.80
2nd Camille Delannoy
3rd Mitu Monteiro


Don’t forget to tune in for the first round of the Freestyle discipline. Start times are 8pm CET. The Freestyle Schedule is:

06/10/2020: Men’s Quarter Finals

08/10/2020: Women’s Semi Finals

11/10/2020L Finals Day!




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