An all Dutch final for the Cold Hawaii Big Air

Kevin Langeree wins!


The riders at Cold Hawaii Big Air battled for a spot at the 2021 Red Bull King of the Air


500 spectators on the beach at Vorupör in Cold Hawaii, Denmark were witness to the country’s very first Big Air event!


The event was put together in a very few months, but the organisers managed to create an intimate venue that meant the riders were very close to the shore, pier and crowd.

The expectations were high for the homeboy Nick Jacobsen, but it was three flying Dutchmen who flew away with the attention.


Cold Hawaii Big Air

Photo: Nicklas Kold Nagel 


Unfortunately, Tom Bridge injured his knee during the minute just before his first-round heat started and he wasn’t able to compete. The Dane, Nick Jacobsen also had a bad day at the beach and lost his third-round heat early in the competition to Simon Bruhn from Germany.

Nick Jacobsen said “I don’t know what happened. The wind was tricky, and I would like to have a 10 rather than 9m, but this is a part of the game. You lose some and you win some.”


Martin Bjørn Christianse

Photo: Martin Bjørn Christianse


The final with Kevin Langeree, Stig Hoefnagel and Lasse Walker 

In the final, the conditions were tricky with an unstable wind from the south-west. There were many short period gusts around 20-25 knots but it didn’t seem to matter to the three Dutch finalists as they kept on jumping. During the final, Lasse Walker, changed to a larger kite to get more speed and higher jumps, but the move came too late… Kevin Langeree was way ahead and won the final with more than three points. Lasse Walker finished in second position with Stig Hoefnagel in third.

Kevin Langeree said: “It’s great in Cold Hawaii. I love it and it’s good to be back in the first place again. The conditions were all time. We started in the morning with pouring rain and weak wind but by the end of the day, the conditions were fine. It makes me happy to be in the final with my two best friends.”


Kevin Langeree wins!

Photo: Nicklas Kold Nagel 


1. Kevin Langeee 29.63
2. Lasse Walker 26.07
3. Stig Hoefnagel 25.40


Check out the heat scoring here!



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