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Wet Dreams Kitesurfing Association with the collaboration of the Municipality of San Teodoro tourism office is proud to present “San Teodoro Xtreme Fun Games” which will be held from the 22nd to the 25th of September 2016 at the “La Cinta Beach” in San Teodoro, Sardinia.


The event

Due to its geographical location and climate, San Teodoro is the ideal location for watersports and has developed into a “hot-spot” for Kitesurfing, Windsurfing and Stand Up Paddling.

The amazing beach of “La Cinta” creates the perfect backdrop for a fun filled event set to take place over 4 days.



The Games

It is the organizer’s intention to keep a constant flow of activities during the 4 days of the event. Some of these activities will take the form of fun races and contest mixed in with a fair dose of exhibition from the pros.

Taking into account the weather conditions, the following activities are planned:

  • Race (kitesurf / windsurf) – A speed race along a set course visible by spectators from the beach. The competitors will be split into different groups and categories (Pros-Amateurs-Juniors)
  • Hang Time Contest (kitesurf) – Given stronger wind conditions, whoever stays up in the air the longest wins. This will be split into different categories.
  • Free Ride Fun contest (kitesurf/windsurf) – Purely for fun, it’s about who looks the best out there.
  • Pro Expression Session – A freestyle exhibition from the pros attending the event.
  • Long Distance SUP race – Stand up paddle surfing going for it with various categories.
  • Windsurf fun race – Speed race for the windsurfers with “one design” boards and sails. All the competitors on the same gear!
  • Pure Kite Race/Foil – In the event of a light wind of 8 to 10 knots, a special race will be held for racing and foil boards.


Spot prizes will be called out.

The organizers aim to have the most spectacular display for the riders and the public depending on the conditions at the beach. This means that events will be called daily depending on conditions.



The Village

During the 4 days of the “Extreme Fun Games” a “Village” of stands will be erected right on the beach allowing brands to advertise and demo (not sell) their products.

Within the sport “Celebration”, brands will get a chance to show off their latest offerings and connect with the ever growing interested public.

The Stands will be provided by the Municipality of San Teodoro whilst “Wet Dreams Kitesurfing” will provide the kite zone and launch canal.


During the Extreme Fun Games, live music and beach parties will be planned for the evenings in collaboration with the San Teodoro Municipality. All this will be happening at the stunning “La Cinta” beach right next to the village.


Here’s the official 2016 event promo video from Extreme Fun Games



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Email – info@extremefungames.com

Facebook – ExtremeFunGames

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