The Edge Race Cup 2016

The Edge Race Cup 2016 went off last weekend


The 7th Edge Race Cup, one of the best competitive events in the UK and the premier British kite foil gathering, went down last weekend with enough wind to run heats in both the men’s Pro and Amateur Fleets. Global Shots were there to capture all the action which you can see here in this awesome video they’ve put together.



The guys at Edge will be looking at finding a Saturday or Sunday over the summer to get some more racing done and hopefully the Open Fleet will be able to get out on the water as well. We’ll keep you updated with news of upcoming events.


Results from the men’s Pro and Amateur Fleets below

1. Olly Bridge
2. Guy Bridge
3. Florian Gruber

Amateur Fleet Results

1. Lance Olner
2. James Rowe
3. Gareth Moggs


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