Duotone Launch New Free Tuition App

Duotone Academy App

Redefine your limits!

The new Duotone Academy App encourages you to take your kiteboarding skills

to the next level.



The free app is available on iOS (coming soon on Android) and allows kitesurfers of all levels to download from a vast library of 150 technique based videos to learn from. The app is aimed at all kiteboarders, whether you want to learn to water-start, boost your first jumps, backroll, or even learn to jibe on a surfboard or foil.


Together with app developer Philipp Rembold, Duotone Academy was created by a big team of leading experts including world champions Airton Cozzolino, Matchu Lopez and Aaron Hadlow:


The filming for the project was quite tough, there are many tricks and you have to film them many times for different angles, having a shot from the drone, from the water and close up details shows all the points of view. We wanted to show the kite position and the body movement from different angles to show all the details.” – Aaron Hadlow


The app leads the user step by step to the next level of their kiteboarding regardless of their skill or preferred discipline. For ease of understanding and clarification, slow motions, motion graphics and spoken explanations are used in all of the video ‘how-to’s’. Additionally, the app has a community feature with even the opportunity for users to get in touch with their idols:


“I live for the progression of my kiteboarding so to share my experience and pass that on means a lot.” – Aaron Hadlow.


‘It’s time to redefine your limits’ Duotone say!


Check out the Duotone Academy App via www.duotone.com

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