Dudu Mazzocato joins Cabrinha


The Dude is now Cab’s Chief Kite Designer




Over the last twenty years, Cabrinha has carefully crafted their kite range to serve every facet of the sport by implementing a delicate balance of innovation and refinement – pushing boundaries when they can and locking in designs they know and trust. 

No one knows this design method better than Dudu Mazzocato who now takes up the position of Chief Kite Designer for Cabrinha as they prepare to mark their 20th year in the industry.

Dudu Mazzocato was born in Brazil where he graduated as a Naval Engineer from the University of São Paulo and for the past 20 years his professional life has been closely related to the design of aircrafts, sails, kites, and hydrofoils.

He’s also a commercial helicopter and airplane pilot, and he applies concepts from his many years of experience into his work in the kite industry. He actually worked on the original production LEIs back in 1998 and was the first person to implement CAD programs in kite design, working closely with legends like Don Montague in the early days to help lay the foundations of what kitesurfing would go on to become. 

His hiring kicks off a new era of design and development for Cabrinha who now have a renewed focus on innovation and progression as they prepare to mark two full decades in business!



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