Chris Bobryk joins RRD

Chris Bobryk - RRD

RRD welcomes Chris Bobryk to the international team. Read the full interview here:


Chris Bobryk - RRD


Where did you grow up?

Muskegon, Michigan


Tell us more about your background in kitesurfing?

I started off on an old eBay Kite and made my own boards in wood shop class in high-school until my local shop Mackite started to help me out with gear and taught kiting with them. After a year in Collage I moved to Hatteras Island, NC to teach kiting and I’ve been kiting and traveling non-stop ever sense!



You were a wrestler… tell us about it and is there some usable cross over from this into kiting?

Yes having a Wrestling and an MMA back ground translates into having a good understanding of movement.


You love to grind random objects, where does this come from? A skating background?

Yes I grow up skating! kiting is so exiting because I can do my all my other sports with a kite and get places you would never think of without a kite!



What are your best results?

 – Bridge of the Gods Pro 1st
 – Kite Clash freestyle/Best 1st
 – TRIO Cayman Island 1st


What is your favourite gear?

Juice TT, Obsession and Obsession Pro kite, Thrive harness and Celsius Pro wetsuit.



What is your favorite spot?

I love exploring new places so if I’m ever at your spot lets do a downwinder!


What are your goals for 2017?

Travel a lot, grind everything I see, and compete in the Kite Park league Tour.


How do you see kitesurfing evolve in 10 years?

I see the sport going in so many directions but I am interested in seeing how far we can push the extreme stunts in Kiting and see what new stuff we can come up with.



Photo credits: Carla Lata (action) and Theo Quenee.


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