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Cape Hatteras wave classic 2015 strapless kitesurfing contest

The 2015 Cape Hatteras Wave Classic presented by Patagonia kicked off competition on Sunday September 20th with a full day of competition in solid 20mph wind and consistent 3-5 ft. surf. With an amazing forecast holding true for the event window, the contest saw a flurry of last-minute entrants from around the globe eager to surf against the world’s best kitesurfers in one of North America’s premier kitesurfing destinations. The Cape Hatteras Wave Classic presented by Patagonia is an Open kitesurfing competition, allowing anyone to enter and compete in Men’s Open or Women’s Open divisions.



Day 1 Highlights: Cape Hatteras Wave Classic presented by Patagonia from REAL Watersports on Vimeo.

Day 1 saw Rounds 1 & 2 completed in fun conditions at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse under sunny skies. With Round 1 being a non-elimination round with 3-man heats, competitors could get a feel for the conditions at the Lighthouse and dial in their equipment. The Competitors’ area was filled with every style of the latest kites and kitesurf boards from various manufacturers and as the first rounds unfolded it was clear that not one competitor was riding a strapped surfboard- this was going to be an all-strapless contest, true to the style the competitors and spectators seem to be favoring in these types of conditions. Competition continued as conditions held steady all day long and the first eliminations began to happen in Round 2. The event ended for the day with the completion of Round 2 and a solid forecast on deck for the following day.



Day 2 Highlights: Cape Hatteras Wave Classic presented by Patagonia from REAL Watersports on Vimeo.

Day 2 began with sunny skies and pristine conditions as the surf had increased a few feet overnight and the northeast wind continued to blow in the mid 20’s. Women’s Round 3 hit the water in the morning and the level of riding was incredible. The Women’s competitors continued to impress the judges and the crowd throughout the entire event with stylish wave riding, good wave selection, and powerful turns. The Men’s Round 3 & 4 competitors took to the skies with insane aerials and tricks backed up by in-the-pocket surfing and masterful wave selection. The weather changed moods in the afternoon with increasing winds, building surf, and scattered rain showers, one even causing a one-hour rain delay. Men’s competitors Mark Miedama and Evan Netsch even upped the ante in their Round 4 heat by hucking huge airs in the pouring rain.



Finals Day Highlights: Cape Hatteras Wave Classic Presented by Patagonia from REAL Watersports on Vimeo.

Dawn broke on Day 3 with 5-7 foot surf and consistent northeast wind in the upper 20’s. Competition was called on for Finals Day and Men’s Semifinal heats hit the water first thing in the morning. Mark Miedama advanced past Patrick Rebstock in Semifinal Heat 1 and Reider Decker advanced past Jason Slezak in Semifinal Heat 2. Jason Slezak and Patrick Rebstock moved into the Battle for 3rd Heat and Reider Decker and Mark Miedama moved on to the Final.
The Women’s Final went off in amazing conditions between Jalou Langeree and Morgan Skiperdene. Mark Miedama and Reider Decker put on incredible show in classic Cape Hatteras Lighthouse conditions in the Men’s Final.


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