2020 Mega Gear Launch Week. All the Highlight Videos in One Place!

2020 kiteboarding big releases

The gear heads amongst you will know that August has become the most popular month for brands to release either complete ranges, or at least their hot new items. And what a week it has just been. The old Kiteworld inbox is positively creaking with the influx of new weaponry spec. 

Here’s an aspiration jolt to fire you up (and to your nearest kite shop): the video highlights of what was released last week!

Words: KW editor, Jim Gaunt  


The gear itself as well as the graphic adverts and video material is always fizzing with artful inspiration, but the most striking thing to us is always the unique approach and feel that Airush manage to put into their products, which are often the fastest / potent / wide reaching on the market. But do they make you want to put your stamp on the ocean canvas? Colour yourself rad here with the new collection. 


When Pete talks, we listen. We wish he would come and read us a story – his voice is like chocolate for our cochleas. If they made a film about kiteboarding (I mean another one, not this one) George Clooney would surely play PC! The Cabrinha collection always causes a stir, emotively and for the last few years, through their ongoing development into how we literally connect to our gear. They’re 20 years deep into kiteboarding. See where they’ve got to. 


Core don’t do a big annual drop, but this summer we’ve already tested and enjoyed the phenomenal new XR6 (in issue #100), last month they released a specialised tube kite for foiling (the XLite) … and thankfully for this video page (as we’re otherwise a bit light on pure wave content for the shred heads), here’s the new Section 3. V2 was probably the least ‘yanky and snatchy’ wave kite we’ve ridden. V3 looks a bit spesh! Corrrrrr blimey

SECTION 3 – SURF WITH CONFIDENCE from CORE Kiteboarding on Vimeo.


We are in the midst of a seemingly endless string of high-tech and visually gifted product videos, following the Duotone 2020 range release a few weeks ago. This week’s brain feeder features an all-round pleaser, the Dice, that’s just had its nuts tightened for greater structural stiffness, specifically important if you’re looking for more gnar in your mega loops. Feeling lucky?  


Designer Peter Steiwe is vastly experienced. For years he made kites for Best Kiteboarding and though that company went through its ups and downs, Peter always kept away from the business of hype and heroic campaigns. Elevight may be a new brand name to you, and there’s no unnecessary sheen here; just genuinely worthwhile products that we’ve greatly enjoyed using this year. The 2020 RS kite is tested in issue #100. In this video, let the very enigmatic US representative Kevin Wade run you through the new FS series. If muscles could sell kites we’d all be shredded… Performance gains here.

Eleveight FS 2020 – Product video from Eleveight Kites on Vimeo.


What a couple of year’s F-One have had, from team riders now regularly storming GKA World Tour and King of the Air podiums using freeride gear that you or I might ride. The biggest news is that this year the original one-kite-to-do-it-all has now split into two designs in its 13th year, as we reported here from the launch in Mauritius. Unlucky for some perhaps, but not these guys. As watersports addicts and newbies, our needs and desires are changing. F-One have gone from the most condensed to among the most wide ranging collection of products on the market right now. It’s about ‘One Culture’ – click here for more.


Quite how much the new (and rapidly expanding) North Kiteboarding team have achieved in just nine months since announcing the re-birth of the brand after the old team left to start Duotone is staggering. We got to take it all for a spin in Dakhla a month ago, and in the UK last Friday. It’s all very complete. And it’s not just the tech team that have been grafting; the marketing team know their onions too – and have crafted a super clean image. Seek out and explore the shiny new site here.


Ozone are one of the brands who don’t do a standard full collection drop. They upgrade their gear when they’re happy there’s a big enough increase in performance. But there was a buzz about the web this week (sorry!) when they announced their intensions as the latest brand to launch a wing for wing-surfing! The Wasp is out now and this video features their all-star athlete, Kai Lenny. Fly over to the Ozone site here. 
(If you want another video – watch our latest video review – the Ozone Torque)


Big news from the Italian Stallions is that this is the 25th annual collection from Roberto Ricci. Congrats to them, that’s a huge achievement. We were invited to a special celebration in honour of this quarter century milestone which was set in the Cape Town Aquarium. Is was a sexy / stylish / glam affair and suddenly Robbie appeared in full RRD wetsuit swimming around the shark tank with a specially made Y25 twin-tip. What a ledge. A bit strange, but when you’re as successful as him, you can pretty much do what you want. Anyway, this video is an absolute bonafide banger, for sure! They keep telling me orange is the new black, but this ain’t Netflix (it is their brand new site though!)

RRD Y25: The Quarter Century Collection from RRD International on Vimeo.


SS have done many things first, from one pumps to winning freestyle world championships on something other than a C kite with the RPM. But it’s for bringing hard wearing production foil equipment to the masses that stands out most clearly in our recent memory. They’re literally nuts about foiling, all of ’em! They were pretty much the first to launch a wing too – the Sling Wing. It seems they don’t have a one-video froth-off for the whole range at the mo (SS – correct me if I’m wrong!), but instead have launched a mass of new individual tech videos for all their new products… kites, boards, surfs etc etc. But anyway, we like our old chum Sam Light (and Alex Fox) and Sam’s handycam workshop style of filming, as demonstrated in this video, puts us right at ease as we sip steaming hot tea, formulating plans for our next foiling craft purchase. Get loaded here.

APOLLO 60 WING / SPACE SKATE 65 WING – Tech Video – Slingshot Foil from Slingshot Kite on Vimeo.


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