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New home, new beaches & new adventures


Well here it is, the moment you have all been waiting for, the launch of our new ‘home’ spot!

As many of you know us personally, you know that we have been searching for the next Gokova Bay for a while.  When we discovered it back in 2009 we knew we had found something special, so a new spot had a lot to live up to!

Finding a relatively undiscovered spot in Europe is not an easy task, however back in May this year we hit the jackpot and have been busy planning and organizing ever since.

So, where are we?  We are in Greece!  Yes, there are some very well-known kiting spots in Greece, which are all plagued by the strong Meltemi wind, but we are not at one of them.  We are tucked away in the stunning west of Greece near/on an island called Lefkada.

Now for the windsurfers of you out there you may well be familiar with Lefkada as Vasiliki, in the south, is famous for its high winds.  Well we’re not there either!

Lefkada is a part-time island as it is joined to the mainland via a causeway and a floating bridge, which opens every hour on the hour, to let the yachts through.  This is what makes Lefkada and the surrounding area so great, as we have more than just the islands coastline to play with.


Always Windy


Our base will be off the island in a wonderfully quiet and serene spot called Agios Nikolaos.  Here we have two kite beaches in one, which are so fantastic we have permanently moved here, and will be here all summer, running our kite clinics.

One word of warning, accommodation is limited so book early, as when the main season comes it will be near impossible to find anything reasonable.  We have one super accommodation right at the spot overlooking the buttery flat water lagoon, which is not to be missed out on!

So enough of this talk, check out the website for all the details and watch the video below for a sneaky peak to wet your whistles.


Always Windy – Lefkada


Oh, and there’s more

Always Windy - Cuba


We, also have a fantastic new winter destination as well!  As we have been busy with Greece the information is not on the web site just yet but bear with us and it will be up in the next week or so.  But if you are looking for some winter sun we now also have a wonderful new spot in Cuba!

As for Gokova Bay, if you still wish to visit our name sake, it is business as usual for us there too.  All our wonderful partners, including Taner and his team at our beach station, are waiting to welcome you when the season starts again in May.


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