Airush Launch the 21-22 Collection

Airush Kiteboarding - 2021 / 22

Introducing the new Airush Kiteboarding 2021/22 product range


Airush Kiteboarding – Lithium

For the rider looking for a kite that provides an endless amount of fun on the water, the Lithium is the ultimate all-around freeride performance kite. Versatile in the surf, easy to ride, and light at the bar, the Lithium is predictable and stable in the air, and has incredible park ability. The powerful three-strut delta-hybrid design enjoys a huge wind range and, combined with the wingtip shape and strut layout, ensures the quickest response through the window as well as instant relaunch.


Airush Lithium - 2021 / 22


Read more on the Airush Lithium here


Airush Kiteboarding – Slayer

The Slayer introduces a completely unique concept between strapless freestyle, wave riding, and flatwater foiling freedom. Featuring a fully-gripped deck and raised rails for easy grabbing when riding strapless, and a low-profile standing area for easy edging. The Slayer is really versatile making it an ideal board for travelling.


Airush Slayer - 2021 / 22


Read more on the Airush Slayer here


Airush Kiteboarding – Switch

The longest-running board model in kiteboarding history – the Switch is the ultimate refined freeride machine. Designed for all-around fun riding, combining ease of use with forgiving and friendly handling, the Switch matches the needs of progressing kiters and those looking for a comfortable ride. With the new kiter in mind, the progressive single concave provides excellent comfort for a smooth and lively riding experience. Thin rails ensure a clean water release and offer sensationally low drag and easy upwind tracking.


Airush Switch - 2021 / 22


Read more on the Airush Switch here


Airush Kiteboarding – Diamond

The Diamond is the ultimate all-around female freeride kiteboard. Created with the smaller, lighter rider in mind, the Diamond has a narrower relative outline, softer flex pattern, and fine-tuned narrowed stance. A double concave with a solid spine allows for smooth landings, while a basalt fiber lamination provides the flex, lightness and durability. This makes it perfect for riders pushing their limits without compromising its playful character for those progressing.


Airush Diamond - 2021 / 22


Read more on the Airush Diamond here


Airush Kiteboarding ‘Sessions’ – 2021 Freeride range launch video:


“The way kiteboarding continues to evolve is staggering, I put this down to how efficient kites are as machines. What else weighs only a few kilograms, can propel you 20 meters in the air for over 10 seconds, and then pack down to the size of a backpack?

This gives us almost infinite freedom to create products that open up your playground to whatever you want to do. From the park to flatwater to surf; it’s all at your fingertips with a gentle tug of the bar. We focus on every single little detail, knowing that your time on the water and investment into our premium products is the essence that drives us forward.” Clinton Filen – Brand Director.


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