Introducing the 2021 Airush Collection

2021 Collection overview


“By Innovators / For Innovators”


The new 2021 Collection from Airush has just dropped!


Airush say “As kiteboarding evolves, we have increasingly focused on longer development cycles to allow us to make bigger leaps forward, with an increased level of refinement at each turn. In an industry traditionally dominated by model churn, we wanted to make sure that there are clear refinements each time we introduce a new product, and an experience of real innovation. This has been possible by building from a legacy of great products.

From the beginning, we wanted to create something different; to create a riding experience that surpasses anything you have ever had. To achieve this, we have set out to maintain a really strong connection between the best designers, leading athletes, and you, the rider.”


2021 Collection overview


“Our 2021 collection embodies our ethos more than ever before. Every year, everyday, every minute, every second we find ourselves coming back to the three pillars that hold Airush to what it is today; innovation, durability and sustainability. Our designers have worked relentlessly to bring to you what we felt was missing or needed improvement, not just from our collection, but from the market as a whole. We bring you designs that solve problems and create opportunity, designs that remind you why started riding in the first place, to have fun. This year we have raised the bar to a height never before reached by our team and we are beyond excited to present to you the Airush Collection for 2021.”


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