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As kitesurfers, we’re part of a greater common bond than any currency, or border. Apart from getting on the water, our community spirit and shared experiences are the best part of this sport.

Airton Cozzolino on the cover of Kiteworld issue 82

Airton Cozzolino, next level freestyler / Photo: Toby Bromwich

This issue’s thread pulls together the best of our spirit. And we didn’t have to work very hard to find it. Frances Osorio from Puerto Rico had half her leg removed after complications during surgery on a broken angle that followed an accident she had when getting out of a vehicle. Believe it or not she’s learnt to adapt and still kites very well. “I like seeing other people think they can’t do something.” she says. “They see me and get more courage. I’ve been through hell and back and life has definitely changed, but I tell others to grab onto something… anything… even if it’s a little walk each day, but to just keep going and never give up.” Her story features in ‘Are You Experienced?’ on page 142, told by Lori Griffith.

One man who knows more than most about the positive spirit in kiteboarding is Dan Charlish. He has helped organise four Guinness World Records for kitesuring through his management of the Virgin Kitesurfing Armada and through that event has raised £160,000 for the Armada Trust Charities. Dan’s background is in charity work, initially with Christian Aid when he finished his studies, before moving on to community work in inner city projects in London. Kitesurfing was a spur for him to try to use his passion to help raise funds through a simple long downwinder with his friends that just grew and grew in its numbers. Now known as the VKSA, the event set a new World Record at Hayling Island, UK, in June with 423 kitesurfers completing the World Record mile. He tells us ‘These Things I Know’ on page 158.

As a worldwide community, we’re all in the same boat when it comes to the planet. Airush board designer and company MD Clinton Filen says “It’s not optional to completely change the way we manufacture products and the way that we live. We think we have a choice but we don’t; sustainability is an essential revolution.”

In Dragons’ Den on page 68 we talk to three key figures in the kiteboarding manufacturing industry, Pete Cabrinha, Naish kite designer Damien Girardin and Clinton Filen. At a time when most brands either have, or are on the verge of, launching their 2017 gear, we wanted to hear the thoughts, motivations and processes that influence the products they deliver, or perhaps define what we’ll be riding in the future.

All that, plus all this! 



If you’re a beginner, you’ll feel like you’ve got a lot to overcome in this sport. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. Our beginners’ guide is on page 90.

The Kiteworld kitesurfing beginner's guide 2016

The Kiteworld Beginner’s Guide 2016


The first taste of 2017 – The previous edition GTS 3 provided a really interesting test in Cape Town earlier this year. Offering wildly varied handling in its different settings, although it could be all things to all riders, in the end, once we’d fully tested it in a range of conditions we became big fans, but did think that it could have been a bit more seamless in its transition between different styles of riding. Have Core managed to produce link the performance traits in a more linear fashion for the ultimate all-rounder? Also, wrapping up our 2016 reviews is Nobile’s all-out freestyle machine, the 50/Fifty. 

We also review the Dakine C1 and Ride Engine Elite series hard shell harnesses. 

And wrapping up our overview of 2016, the test team present their final thoughts after testing 34 kites in detail. 



There have been some momentous achievements and events kick off in the last couple of months. We take you to the front line of each, including the GKA Wave & Strapless Freestyle tour, the Wind Voyager Triple-S, the Virgin Kitesurfing Armada and the Bridge’s Round the Island World Record.

Wind Voyager Triple S results 2016 Kiteworld Magazine issue 82

Wind Voyager Triple-S


And not forgetting the holiday hunters, we get an insider’s view on Brazil, we head to Sicily, take a boat cruise in Denmark and we also look at the environmental impact of plastics in the ocean on one of the most remote islands in the world, Rapa Nui. 


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